August 27th 2016

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Online census fiasco a cautionary tale

CANBERRA OBSERVED Tony Abbott: regrets, he's had a few, and those few he mentions

VICTORIA Volunteers put head on CFA, Cash pursues federal remedy

RURAL AFFAIRS Crisis in dairy industry escalates to new level

SOCIETY AND POLITICS Gays and lesbians can have happy marriages

SOCIETY AND RELIGION The science is in: God is good (for our children)

LAW AND SOCIETY Messing with marriage will hit constitutional bump

GENDER POLITICS Croome's blackmail gamble

TAIWANESE POLITICS Tsai remains in control after her first 100 days

MUSIC An industry that serves everyone bar the maker

CINEMA Villains under coercion: Suicide Squad

BOOK REVIEW A lose-lose country

BOOK REVIEW Grown in the 'burbs: a self-sufficiency plot

U.S. POLITICS The Good Ship Lollypop must be on the slipway

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News Weekly and the National Civic Council

News Weekly has been published continuously by the National Civic Council since 1941, and was originally called Freedom.

The National Civic Council (NCC) is an organisation which seeks to shape public policy on cultural, family, social, political, economic and international issues of concern to Australia.

Five Primacies of the NCC:

  • Promoting the national interest
  • Assisting small enterprise
  • Supporting the family
  • Fostering the tested values derived from our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Defending life

The NCC has regional groups in many major cities and in regional areas across Australia. These groups meet regularly.

The NCC has its National Office in Melbourne with state offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

The NCC's research and publishing role provides the vital intellectual backing to its supporters in the field. If you would like to donate to the support of the NCC go here.

Associated organisations:
  • The Australian Family Association (, with a particular focus on all forms of public policy affecting the family, and
  • The Thomas More Centre, focusing on bio-ethical issues and formation of young people.

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COVER STORY Success of sex-change surgery a propaganda lie

GENDER WARS Safe Schools provokes personal pronoun furore

SOCIETY AND POLITICS Gays and lesbians can have happy marriages

ELECTION ROUNDUP Captain Titanic shuffles deck chairs

COVER STORY Rating the ratings agencies: FFF and "Watch out"

EDITORIAL Marriage plebiscite: why not a referendum?

EDITORIAL Why court rules against Beijing on South China Sea

News and views from around the world

Brian Cox confused on more than global temperatures (Jennifer Marohasy)

Mass unemployment stalks South Australia (Malcolm King)

Manimals: The next frontier in scientific research? (Fr Mark Hodges)

Philippines No to population control, Yes to authentic development - Part II (Federico Nazar)

NFL player Ben Watson slams Planned Parenthood for wanting to 'exterminate Blacks' (Janice Williams)

Unborn child has significant legal rights, judge rules (Mary Carolan)

Putin's attritional diplomacy leaves the West permanently off balance (Richard Gowan)

Domestic violence: data shows women are not the only victims (Bettina Arndt)

31,487 accredited scientists do not believe the science is settled (Global Warming Petition Project)

Sexuality and Gender (Mayer and McHugh)

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