October 25th 2014

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Articles from this issue:

ENERGY Greens' silence on folly of wind and solar power

CLIMATE Link between climate and CO2 is far from clear

CANBERRA OBSERVED Our farmers under siege from government policies

EDITORIAL Can Australia avoid economic stagnation?

SOCIETY The colossal cost to society of no-fault divorce

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Gardasil and fertility: are we sterilising our teenage girls?

UNITED KINGDOM Tories' bid to promote same-sex 'marriage' in schools

EUTHANASIA Will assisted dying apply to 'just a few'?

EDUCATION A high school curriculum that teaches the truth about communism

Reality dawns as Asian myths torn apart

Language is the core of our civilised society


CINEMA A sharp and witty science-fiction thriller

BOOK REVIEW A literary lament for lost love

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News Weekly and the National Civic Council

News Weekly has been published continuously by the National Civic Council since 1941, and was originally called Freedom.

The National Civic Council (NCC) is an organisation which seeks to shape public policy on cultural, family, social, political, economic and international issues of concern to Australia.

Five Primacies of the NCC:

  • Promoting the national interest
  • Assisting small enterprise
  • Supporting the family
  • Fostering the tested values derived from our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Defending life

The NCC has regional groups in many major cities and in regional areas across Australia. These groups meet regularly.

The NCC has its National Office in Melbourne with state offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

The NCC's research and publishing role provides the vital intellectual backing to its supporters in the field. If you would like to donate to the support of the NCC go here.

Associated organisations:
  • The Australian Family Association (www.family.org.au), with a particular focus on all forms of public policy affecting the family, and
  • The Thomas More Centre, focusing on bio-ethical issues and formation of young people.


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COVER STORY It's the science, not the reef, that is being polluted

ENERGY Greens' silence on folly of wind and solar power

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Same-sex marriage and property rights clash in U.S.

NATIONAL AFFAIRS High time to introduce family-friendly taxation

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS Making housing affordable for young couples

NEW ZEALAND Roller-coaster election ends with conservative win

CANBERRA OBSERVED Forrest's bold plan for indigenous Australians

News and views from around the world

Europe’s alarming new anti-Semitism (Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks)

English booze culture fuels nearly 10 million hospital admissions each year (Sarah Knapton, UK Telegraph)

Why France is better than Britain (Anthony Peregrine, UK Telegraph)

Dam breaks in Europe as deflation fears wash over ECB rhetoric (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Only one thing can save Britain from Labour: A Tory split (Peter Hitchens)

The Culture of Death bares its teeth: Planned Parenthood says life begins at delivery (Albert Mohler)  

Hell-bent on rewriting America’s past (Dean Kalahar, American Thinker)  

How the young have been trained to wallow in undeserved punishment (Deana Chadwell)

‘Madame Secretary’: front running for Hillary Clinton (G. Murphy Donovan)

What conservatives must learn from socialists: Roger Scruton (Michael Brendan Dougherty)

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