August 1st 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY A win for families! UN resolution protecting families a victory for sanity

Magna Carta understood as its drafter intended it to be

CANBERRA OBSERVED Media in a tailspin over Bishop and choppergate

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Shorten weakened by royal commission appearance

EDITORIAL Another scare to fuel global warming alarmism

ECONOMICS Bank of England puts orthodox theory to the test

HISTORY High tide of Dutch rule in Indonesia recedes

SOCIETY Justice Kennedy and the lonely Promethean liberal

HISTORY Glastonbury and the twice-flowering thorn

PUBLIC HEALTH Are we giving hard drugs too soft a ride?

CINEMA The outsider who renews the news of relationship: WALL-E

BOOK REVIEW Where have all the believers gone?

BOOK REVIEW What the Nazis did not know did not hurt her


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News Weekly and the National Civic Council

News Weekly has been published continuously by the National Civic Council since 1941, and was originally called Freedom.

The National Civic Council (NCC) is an organisation which seeks to shape public policy on cultural, family, social, political, economic and international issues of concern to Australia.

Five Primacies of the NCC:

  • Promoting the national interest
  • Assisting small enterprise
  • Supporting the family
  • Fostering the tested values derived from our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Defending life

The NCC has regional groups in many major cities and in regional areas across Australia. These groups meet regularly.

The NCC has its National Office in Melbourne with state offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

The NCC's research and publishing role provides the vital intellectual backing to its supporters in the field. If you would like to donate to the support of the NCC go here.

Associated organisations:
  • The Australian Family Association (, with a particular focus on all forms of public policy affecting the family, and
  • The Thomas More Centre, focusing on bio-ethical issues and formation of young people.


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COVER STORY Don't worry, you'll be fine. Or will you be fined?

COVER STORY Are we facing history's largest mass migration?

COVER STORY A win for families! UN resolution protecting families a victory for sanity

CANBERRA OBSERVED Media in a tailspin over Bishop and choppergate

THE FAMILY 'Consensus' on same-sex parenting ignores evidence

SOCIETY Why marriage cannot be separated from family

SOCIETY Transgenderism: a pathogenic meme

News and views from around the world

Top scientists meet in Moscow, tell Russian Government: fetus is human (John Jalsevac)

Jewish peer who fled Nazis is rescuing Christians fleeing ISIS to repay ‘debt’ (Tom Brooks-Pollock)

Step 2: Left’s next target after gay marriage (Paul Bremmer)

New video: Planned Parenthood official haggles over baby body part prices, jokes ‘I want a Lamborghini’ (John-Henry Westen)

Sampling the oceans’ DNA (Craig Venter)

Abandoned Athens Olympic 2004 venues, 10 years on – in pictures (Steven Bloor)

Hanoi’s capitalist revolution (Michael J. Totten)

A father’s presence in the home (John A. Cuddeback)

Earth heading for “mini ice age” within 15 years (Dan Hyde)

It’s unchristian to oppose coal-generated power (Fr James Grant)

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