May 23rd 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY No deal in federal budget for single-income families

CANBERRA OBSERVED Mixed budget: 'Battlers' put on the backburner

SOCIETY Marriage myths do not stand up to close scrutiny

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Supreme Court argument goes to heart of marriage

POLITICS Understanding Orwell: the dangers of ideology

EDITORIAL Executive salaries: Telstra CEO bells the cat

ECONOMICS Productivity: do we understand it at all?

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS UK election: implications of Conservative victory

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Floating reasons to build our submarines here

CINEMA Best-laid plans oft end in corruption

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS New fronts in the fight against human trafficking

EDUCATION Non-government school tuition trumps SES status

CLIMATE CHANGE Bjorn again sceptics show face of intolerance

DRUGS Ice: an epidemic rages under our very noses

BOOK REVIEW The man who would not be prime minister

BOOK REVIEW The father of the green revolution

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The National Civic Council (NCC) is an organisation which seeks to shape public policy on cultural, family, social, political, economic and international issues of concern to Australia.

Five Primacies of the NCC:

  • Promoting the national interest
  • Assisting small enterprise
  • Supporting the family
  • Fostering the tested values derived from our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Defending life

The NCC has regional groups in many major cities and in regional areas across Australia. These groups meet regularly.

The NCC has its National Office in Melbourne with state offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

The NCC's research and publishing role provides the vital intellectual backing to its supporters in the field. If you would like to donate to the support of the NCC go here.

Associated organisations:
  • The Australian Family Association (, with a particular focus on all forms of public policy affecting the family, and
  • The Thomas More Centre, focusing on bio-ethical issues and formation of young people.


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SOCIETY Christianity the cornerstone of democratic values

SOCIETY Marriage myths do not stand up to close scrutiny

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS U.S. state attacked over religious liberty law

SOCIETY Same-sex marriage nowhere near 'inevitable'

CANBERRA OBSERVED Labor's deputy leads party to dead end

COVER STORY Defence minister commits to future of naval shipbuilding

COVER STORY The significance of the Gallipoli landing

News and views from around the world

The myth of the inevitable war (Philip Jenkins)

U.S. House passes 20-week abortion ban on anniversary of Gosnell conviction (Dustin Siggins)

What does ‘sustainability’ really mean? (William M. Briggs)

Does Pope Francis support the Kasper proposal? What really happened at the Synod (Matthew McCusker)

What the Tory victory means for UK Catholics (Peter Smith)

Indonesia's biofuels push (Nithin Coca)

How to rethink arts funding (Michael Connor)

Everyone expects the Spanish Inquisition (Joseph Pearce)

The journey home: William Roepke and the humane economy (Roger Scruton)

Making Differences Disappear: The Evolution of Science on Same-Sex Households (Mark Regnerus)

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