August 29th 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Same-sex marriage and the SOGI ideological agenda

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Canada: basic freedoms lost since same-sex marriage came to town

CANBERRA OBSERVED Abbott, Shorten fixin' for some feudin' next year

OBITUARY RIP Frank Scully, last survivor of the Labor Split

EDITORIAL Colleagues digging holes Tony Abbott has to fill in

EDUCATION There must be a better plan than Naplan

HISTORY OF INDONESIA Sukarno makes way for Suharto's "New Order"

HISTORY Fateful indecision: the tragedy of Rabaul

FAMILY LIFE A father's presence in the home: part I

SCOTUS: JUDICIAL ACTIVISM On the having of the cake and the eating of it too

LIFE ISSUES When an abomination becomes good business

CINEMA Spy sequel vies with a spy history repeat Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

BOOK REVIEW An important biography of B.A.

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News Weekly and the National Civic Council

News Weekly has been published continuously by the National Civic Council since 1941, and was originally called Freedom.

The National Civic Council (NCC) is an organisation which seeks to shape public policy on cultural, family, social, political, economic and international issues of concern to Australia.

Five Primacies of the NCC:

  • Promoting the national interest
  • Assisting small enterprise
  • Supporting the family
  • Fostering the tested values derived from our Judeo-Christian heritage
  • Defending life

The NCC has regional groups in many major cities and in regional areas across Australia. These groups meet regularly.

The NCC has its National Office in Melbourne with state offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

The NCC's research and publishing role provides the vital intellectual backing to its supporters in the field. If you would like to donate to the support of the NCC go here.

Associated organisations:
  • The Australian Family Association (, with a particular focus on all forms of public policy affecting the family, and
  • The Thomas More Centre, focusing on bio-ethical issues and formation of young people.


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CANBERRA OBSERVED Media in a tailspin over Bishop and choppergate

COVER STORY A win for families! UN resolution protecting families a victory for sanity

COVER STORY Same-sex endgame comes startlingly into view

COVER STORY Same-sex marriage and the SOGI ideological agenda

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Canada: basic freedoms lost since same-sex marriage came to town

EDITORIAL Another scare to fuel global warming alarmism

Magna Carta understood as its drafter intended it to be

News and views from around the world

Stuff and nonsense about Dyson Heydon (Neil Brown)

Mobs have no principles, hacker edition (Noah Millman)

Marco Rubio is right: the life of a new human being begins at conception (Patrick Lee et al.)

TNC, Tolstoy, Dante (Rod Dreher)

Four responses to the “What about infertility?” argument (Ryan T. Anderson)

Social pressure stifling free speech as vocal left crushes any chance of a dissenting considered view (Jane Fynes-Clinton)

Does being “gay” make you an “expert” on homosexuality? (Deacon Jim Russell)

Could gender-selective abortions be happening in Australia? (SBS)

UN population report foresees rapid global ageing (Susan Yoshihara)

Atomic amnesia: why Hiroshima narratives remain few and far between (Sofia Ahlberg)

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