July 31st 2004

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: What the COAG Water Agreement means

EDITORIAL: Issues facing the Howard Government

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Kim Beazley's return masks Labor's divisions over US

AUSFTA: Will Green preferences sink trade agreement?

NATIONAL COMPETITION POLICY: SA Government heads towards dismantling single selling-desk for barley

DEREGULATION: Stock Journal survey rejects new SA Barley Export Bill

QUARANTINE BREACH: Inquiry needed on citrus canker

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Boswell sees red over Senate marriage delay

EDUCATION: School vouchers - giving power back to parents

SOCIAL POLICY: Singapore's Provident Fund adapts to new realities

FILM: Appeals against degrading movies rejected

MEDIA: Victory on TV Code of Practice

HEALTH: Abortion causes uterine damage

VICTORIA: Are we facing a long dry spell?

STRAWS IN THE WIND : Peacock Throne / The Stasi never died / Supersized

CINEMA: Whatever happened to the family film?

Distributism defended (letter)

People without land (letter)

Ethanol industry viable (letter)

OBITUARY: Vale Brian Nash

OBITUARY: Vale Martin Klibbe

BOOKS: Nightmare of the Prophet, by Paul Gray

BOOKS: Memo for a Saner World, by Bob Brown

BOOKS: So Monstrous A Travesty, by Ross McMullin

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Vale Martin Klibbe

News Weekly, July 31, 2004
Martin Klibbe, 25, a former Queensland Young National Party State President and ex-staffer for De-Anne Kelly, the Member for Dawson, died tragically on Thursday, July 15.

Martin was not just passionate about politics, he was also passionate about defining right and wrong. For him both endeavours were intrinsically linked. Therefore, on issues of principle he was willing at times to speak out and rock the boat.

Martin believed in his nation and its institutions, as demonstrated by his advocacy of family and pro-life values. So, not surprisingly, he was a member of the Australian Family Association.

In 2003, he addressed the AFA's Queensland state conference and spoke without notes for 40 minutes. His oration was regarded by all in attendance as the best of the conference (and can be found in print form at the AFA (QLD) website www.family.org.au/qld under the News Archives).

When he became President of the Young Nationals, Martin saved the organisation from virtual collapse. He further demonstrated his skills as a political organiser working on a number of election campaigns. His talent and loyal friendship will be missed by many.

Martin is survived by his mother Dawn, father Owen and sisters Alana and Anita. To them and extended family members News Weekly offers its deepest sympathies.

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