October 14th 2006

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The selective indignation of Senator Stott Despoja

by Babette Francis

News Weekly, October 14, 2006
Senator Stott Despoja is frequently accusing pregnancy support services of giving misleading information to callers and "frightening" them about the physical and other risks of induced abortion. Below is the Consent Form from an abortion clinic in Texas (the consent form of Planned Parenthood of Australia is similar).

It should be particularly noted that the Texas Consent Form warns of the possible increased risk of breast cancer and future "sterility". It seems ironic that abortion clinics are allowed to warn women of the dangers of abortion but when pregnancy support services do so, they are accused of being "misleading" or "false providers"!


The "Disclosure & Consent" form for Termination of Pregnancy or Suction Curettage or Abortion to Medical & Surgical Procedures" of the Woman's Choice Quality Health Centre, San Antonio, Texas, USA:

"I also realise that the following risks and hazards may occur in connection with this particular procedure & even death:
(a) Bleeding with the possibility of requiring further surgery &/or hysterectomy to control,
(b) Perforated uterus &/or damage to the bladder, bowel, blood vessels,
(c) Abdominal incision & operation to correct the injury,
(d) infection of female organs: uterus, tubes, ovaries,
(e) sterility or being incapable of bearing children,
(f) Incompetent cervix,
(g) failure to remove all products of the conception,
(h) continuation of the pregnancy,
(i) depression or 'the blues',
(j) Post abortion stress syndrome,
(k) possible increased lifetime risk of breast cancer."

While Senator Stott Despoja and her feminist cohorts are trying to shut down the work of pregnancy support services, they are completely silent about the coercion many pregnant women experience in decision-making about whether to continue with their pregnancies.

Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life, pro-family civil rights organization, with over 90 affiliates in 75 countries around the world, has announced the launch of its newest web-based informational resource: ProchoiceViolence.com. "This website exposes the pro-choice movement as the most violent political movement in United States history. In fact, we have documented over 7,000 acts of violence and illegal activities by those who support or practice abortion," stated Brian Clowes, Ph. D., senior analyst for HLI. "We have launched this site to expose this troubling truth and to draw attention to the fact that this violence is escalating at a very disturbing rate. Since 2000, there have been an astonishing 269 homicides and other killings committed by the pro-abortion movement."

ProchoiceViolence.com also exposes how the pro-abortion movement has systematically targeted minorities and had a devastating impact upon the African-American community.

"Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a known eugenicist who bragged about speaking before meetings of the KKK and at one time wanted the organization's slogan to be 'to breed a race of thoroughbreds,'" explained Clowes. "Sanger's vision has set the agenda for Planned Parenthood and much of the pro-abortion movement to this very day."

This fact was drawn into clear focus in the recent report about a couple in Maine who kidnapped their daughter for a late-term abortion because the father of the unborn baby was black. "This was not an act of compassion, this was not an act of concern and it was certainly not an act of love on the part of this couple," observed Clowes. "Abortion is one of the most violent acts known in the history of mankind and its acceptance into our otherwise civil society has served to breed more and more violence to the point where we are now witnessing parents who physically subdue and kidnap their own children in an effort to force them to abort their unborn grandchildren."

Pregnancy support services in Australia also report the acts of coercion daily witnessed at abortion clinics: tearful daughters being rushed in by parents, reluctant wives and girlfriends being virtually dragged in by husbands or de factos.

The feminist pro-choice cabal in the Australian Parliament is also lobbying Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs, in an attempt to overturn Australia's ban on our overseas aid being used for abortion or abortion-related services. If they succeed, Australian taxpayers' money will be used for China's policy of compulsory abortion for pregnancies after the woman has had one child.

-Babette Francis is the National & Overseas Co-ordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc., which is the Australian affiliate of Human Life International.

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