March 1st 2008

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY: The Australian economy a 'house of cards'

EDITORIAL: Timor troubles: the way ahead

CANBERRA OBSERVED: What remains to be done after saying sorry?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Brian Burke and Kevin Rudd cross paths again

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Economic policy-making in conflict

STRAWS IN THE WIND: Hysteria in the House / US election campaign / "Say sorry" segment / The economy

ISLAM: Uproar over Archbishop of Canterbury's Islam gaffe

AUSTRALIAN HISTORY: Why Australia's Christian heritage matters

HUMAN RIGHTS: The 2008 Olympics and China's Communist regime

TAIWAN: Chen: Almost over, but not out

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Australia and Japan set to draw closer together

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Global warming? It's the coldest winter in decades / Capitalism's enemies within

Reality gap between words and action (letter)

Wentworth's vision for Australian railways (letter)

Thuggery at Brisbane pro-life rally (letter)

The struggling Rudds (letter)

BOOKS: IT'S YOUR TIME YOU'RE WASTING: A teacher's tales of classroom hell, by Frank Chalk


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Thuggery at Brisbane pro-life rally (letter)

by John McMahon

News Weekly, March 1, 2008

Lauren Mellor and her gang of merry clowns and radical activists violently invaded a peaceful gathering of pro-life women rallying in Brisbane on Saturday, February 9. The pro-life Respect for Women rally was in support of the defence of innocent unborn babies and their mothers.

(Mellor afterwards told the Australian Associated Press that her pro-abortion activists "decided to ambush the event" to put voice to the majority of Australians who supposedly support abortion rights (AAP, February 9, 2008).)

In flagrant disregard for the views and values of others in this democracy of ours, she and her mob stormed and rampaged onto the stage in Queen's Park.

In overwhelming numbers they overpowered a concerned number of pro-life women who are prepared to stand by other women facing pressure to terminate the life of their innocent unborn child.

John McMahon,
Kolonga, Qld

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