February 21st 2009

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ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Can Rudd save Australia from the global slump?

EDITORIAL: Bushfires: when will we ever learn?

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The two faces of Eve - nature, nurture or Islam?

by John Miller

News Weekly, February 21, 2009
An Iraqi woman had 80 women raped, then conscripted as suicide-bombers. John Miller reports.

It is often said in nature that the female of the species is far more dangerous than the male. Islam assigns a subordinate role to women, condemning them to various surgical procedures, including genital mutilation, clothing them from head to foot, and, in many cases, denying them anything more than a basic education. However, it doesn't appear to make them any less deadly on certain occasions.

Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups routinely use female suicide-bombers.

US military figures indicate at least 36 female suicide-bombers attempted or carried out 32 attacks last year, according to the Associated Press.

However, a recent story out of Iraq is both chilling and truly mind-numbing. In some of our newspapers, it was reported that Samira Ahmed Jassim, 51, was arrested by Iraqi police.

She was suspected of organising the rape of more than 80 women, in order to later convince them that the only way to expunge their shame was through martyrdom - that is, becoming suicide-bombers after being equipped with explosives by terrorists.

Among those "groomed" and trained, 28 went on to be suicide-bombers.

Organised rape

The London Times, in reporting this case, reflected that the allegations about organised rape had not been independently verified. Presumably, Samira Jassim's confession to the Iraqi authorities and interrogators wasn't sufficient.

A right-wing US website, Family Security Matters (February 5, 2009) actually cited a report on this incident, as reported in Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper (February 4, 2009), and stated, correctly in my view, that the terrorist group with which Samira Jassim was associated was "weakly called an insurgent group".

Ansar al-Sunnah, or Jamaat Ansar al-Sunnah (Group of the Followers of the Sunnah Faith) is a murderous proscribed Iraq-based affiliate of al Qaeda.

The report originated with Agence France-Presse (AFP), relayed from the Iraqi authorities. But the Melbourne paper attributed it to foreign correspondents in Baghdad.

It almost appears that Australia's anti-American left-wing media consider it self-evident that the words of the US-backed Iraqi authorities are not to be taken seriously, notwithstanding evidence that Jassim was an active member of Ansar al-Sunnah.

So much for mothering, but then there is another case, which turned up, not in the mainstream British press, but in a regional paper from north-west England, the Oldham Advertiser (February 4, 2009).

Under the headline "Mum who urged terror on West", the report described how a doe-eyed young Muslim woman gained the dubious distinction of being the first person in the UK to be convicted of distributing or circulating a terrorist publication.

The 28-year-old Shella Roma distributed an eight-page essay entitled The Call, which was described as containing a theological, political and historical commentary. It mentioned 9/11 and the war on terror and asked the question: "Will you go to jihad?"

She gave copies to her husband to hand out at the local mosque, but the plan went awry when she tried to have it printed professionally and an alert person called in the police.

Interestingly, it has taken a year for the case to come to court.

The defence has stated that Ms Roma was in a poor state of health mentally, had allegedly suffered from a dissociative personality disorder since 2005, and during earlier hearings had fainted in court.

She pleaded guilty and admitted to being the prime mover in the case. Her husband was something of an innocent dupe.

This "young mum" has been released on bail and will be sentenced in March. My prediction is she will get a light sentence, no doubt in view of her supposed disturbed psychological state.

It would appear that fundamentalist Muslims have no problem with the second-class status of women and are perfectly prepared to use them for acts of terrorism. That's Women's Lib, Muslim-style!

- John Miller is a former senior intelligence officer.


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