February 6th 2010

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Articles from this issue:

FAMILY VALUES: Human rights and education

COVER STORY: Global-warming sceptic Lord Monckton visits Australia

EDITORIAL: Is Rudd Government planning a new tax grab?

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Can the Abbott-Joyce duo defeat Kevin Rudd?

ENERGY: A climate policy that is good for Australia

FAMILY LAW: Will Rudd Govt roll back shared parenting?

VICTORIA: Lesbian couple are named parents on birth certificate

NEW SOUTH WALES: NSW Govt rejects adoption by same-sex couples

UNITED STATES: Gaping holes remain in passenger airline security

NATIONAL SECURITY: Global terrorist threat escalates

CHINA: Corrupt big business and the Communist Party

POLITICAL PROFILE: Not-so-secret agenda of Obama's 'science czar'

FAMILY VALUES: Human rights and education

UNITED NATIONS: UN skirmishes over meaning of gender

Tony Abbott defended (letter)

Condoms for Haiti? (letter)

Charles and Babette Francis (letter)

News Weekly name change? (letter)

CINEMA: Cameron's latest blockbuster Avatar (rated M)

BOOK REVIEW: LOSING MY RELIGION: Unbelief in Australia, by Tom Frame

BOOK REVIEW: THE WOLF: How One German Raider Terrorised Australia and the Southern Oceans in the First World War, by Richard Guilliatt and Peter Hohnen

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Charles and Babette Francis (letter)

by Michael J. Ryan

News Weekly, February 6, 2010

A few months back (News Weekly, September 5), you published an obituary for Charles Hugh Francis AM QC RFD, a very great Australian and one of Australia's most outstanding Catholic laymen.

Naturally, you refer to Charles's wife, Babette, how they met, where and when they married, and how long Babette has lived in Australia. You rightly restricted yourself to Charles's achievements and the causes for which he fought. Very properly, you made no mention of Babette's achievements.

Over five months have gone by since Charles's death and, thank God and thank you, Mr Editor, one still sees the Francis name in print regularly.

Babette and Charles thought as one; but, in waging their pro-life battles, they did not have to rely on each other. Babette is a most skilful organiser - as behoves the national co-ordinator of Endeavour Forum - and has spoken, written, and marshalled forces in the pro-life cause in Australia and overseas.

It is wonderful to read her articles on a range of vital issues recently, and to realise that the Francis voice has not been stilled.

Michael J. Ryan,
Rosanna, Vic.

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