July 24th 2010

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The anti-family agenda of the Greens

by Jerome Appleby

News Weekly, July 24, 2010
Are the Greens just a mainstream bunch of people concerned about the environment, as many people believe them to be, or does the party stand for something altogether more radical?

With the Greens' vote surging, and the possibility of their securing in the federal election not just more seats in the Senate, but possibly, for the first time, one or more in the lower house, it is a question that must be considered.

The Greens want to introduce same-sex marriage. In June 2009, South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduced a bill with such an aim in federal parliament. Her bill went beyond merely removing any reference to a man and a woman from the current definition of marriage; it also excluded the words "to the exclusion of all others".

This begs the question: is she implying that homosexuals are incapable of being monogamous, or is she trying to pave the way to polygamy? Or is there some other reason for this curious omission?

The Greens also want all adults, "regardless of sexuality and gender identity", to be able to access adoption, fostering, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation procedures. The Greens' extreme position is in breach of Article 7(1) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which provides that the child has "as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents".

"People have the right to assume their self-identified sex", declare the Greens. This, of course, would render gender meaningless.

Although the Greens are adamantly against the death penalty in all cases, they nevertheless support abortion. Try figuring that one out.

The Greens have a long history of promoting euthanasia (sometimes called "mercy-killing"). In South Australia in 2009, the Greens introduced a euthanasia bill. This lapsed with the issuing of the state election writs earlier this year, but the party has indicated that it will re-introduce the bill.

Disturbingly, the bill does not even restrict the administration of death to those with a terminal illness, but extends to those with "intolerable" suffering.

The Greens proclaim that "women have the right to make informed, supported choices about all aspects of their lives, including … how they balance participation in paid work with caring responsibilities", but the Greens' policy for mothers and their children financially penalises mothers who take on the responsibility of caring for their children themselves.

The Greens support full paid parental leave (PPL) and institutionalised childcare, but do not offer equal support for mothers who choose to care for their children in the home.

The Greens perfunctorily acknowledge that they "recognise and give due weight" to a mother's work in the home, but only to the extent of including it in the "calculation of national economic measures". One would have thought that the long-term economic benefits provided by mothers raising children would be worth more than just being recorded as a statistic.

The Greens want to legalise prostitution. Oddly enough, the policy is listed under "care for people" and "women".

One would have thought that this policy, which would allow men to exploit women's bodies without legal consequence, is the very negation of "care for people", particularly women.

The policies of the Greens directed at children should cause parents some grave concerns.

For example, the Greens wish to see our education system "provide age-appropriate information about the diversity of sexuality". Just what is meant by age-appropriate is not spelt out in detail. But some "sex educators" consider ages as young as 4 or 5 to be appropriate for sex education classes.

How many parents would want their children at such a tender age learning about homosexuality - or at any age for, that matter?

The Greens also want health programs which "increase the power of girls and women to determine their own reproductive lives". Does this mean that daughters should be able to get an abortion without any parental involvement?

Drugs is another issue that would concern most parents. On this issue, the Greens support the permissive "harm minimisation" approach. Publicly - or at least on their website - they oppose legalising hard drugs. In practice, the Greens, in combination with Victoria's Brumby Labor Government, recently defeated a move to ban the sale and display in Victoria of bongs, that is, special water-filtration devices for smoking cannabis (see News Weekly, June 12, 2010).

Those who care about religious freedom will be disturbed to learn that the Greens wish to expand the power and funding of the Australian Human Rights Commission. However, as News Weekly has previously reported (February 7, 2009), AHRC spokespersons, despite their rhetoric about inclusiveness and diversity, have publicly expressed their aversion to conservative Christian and Jewish religious views.

The Greens look to the United Nations and "global governance" as being "essential to meet the needs of global peace and security, justice, human rights, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability".

Next time someone tells you they are voting for the Greens, make sure you remind them that there is a lot more to the party than just concern for the environment.

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