April 16th 2011

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Tolerance enforcers try to ban the word "Easter"

by Bill Muehlenberg

News Weekly, April 16, 2011

Don’t you just love the way the tolerance enforcers operate? It seems the louder they shout “tolerance” the more intolerant they are. This is especially to be seen in the various activities of the secular social engineers. As they seek to remake society in their secular image, all in the name of tolerance, they really show their true colours.

Consider the latest example of this gross hypocrisy and ludicrous double standards. A Sydney school has banned the word “Easter” all in the name of tolerance. It seems the school principal is so keen on tolerance that he will simply not tolerate anything that he finds objectionable — in this case, Easter.

Here is how Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (April 4, 2011) ran the story: “A school ditched the word Easter from its Easter Hat Parade to try to teach students about religious ‘tolerance’. Bondi Public School principal Michael Jones wrote to parents about the decision, saying Easter was just one of many religious celebrations at this time of year.

“‘As we are an inclusive community which celebrates our diverse range of cultures and beliefs, I have not called it an Easter Hat parade,’ Mr Jones wrote in the school’s latest newsletter. ‘Many religious celebrations occur at this time of year but we want to include all students in any celebration at school. Teachers will talk to students about the different celebrations and the emphasis will be on tolerance and understanding.’

“However the ruling on Friday’s fundraising event was overturned yesterday, after parents from the school in Sydney’s east expressed anger. ‘This was done very quietly,’ Helen Robson — who represented a group of outraged parents — said. ‘Up until last month’s newsletter, these events were referred to as “Easter” events. Without warning, the recent newsletter deleted all reference and children came home with news their Hats and Raffle tickets were not to be called “Easter” anymore.’ Principal Jones could not be contacted yesterday.”

Well, it seems people power prevailed in the end, and some common sense was allowed to trump this PC nonsense. And it is fully understandable that this principal should now be in hiding. I would be too if I tried to pull such an idiotic and blatantly discriminatory stunt like this.

Imagine that! In the name of religious tolerance this individual just could not tolerate the core faith found in Australia and at a time when one of its two most holy days is being celebrated. Thank you for all the tolerance, Mr Jones! With friends like you, tolerance will really go far in this land.

And do you think for one moment this school principal would ever even consider trying to ban something associated with Islam? Or with Aboriginal dreamtime spirituality? Not on your life! These secularist crusaders wouldn’t have the guts to try to do such a thing.

But, as always, it is open season on Christianity. Any time and any excuse will do as a reason to launch yet another secular jihad against Christianity in all its forms and shapes — and, better yet, use the Christians’ most holy of days to launch such an attack.

Fortunately, in this case some sanity prevailed and concerned parents reclaimed Easter. But the kind of foolishness they are resisting is happening all the time, and the outcomes are not always this good. The forces of anti-Christian bigotry are ever on the prowl, so religious freedom is constantly under threat.

Thus we need to keep ever vigilant and alert as to the various attacks taking place around us, and we must also be willing to speak up about such matters. Keeping our heads in the sand will help no one, but only make matters worse. So appreciate this minor victory today, but remain aware of the ongoing secularist crusade.

Bill Muehlenberg is a commentator on contemporary issues, and lectures on ethics and philosophy. His website CultureWatch is at: www.billmuehlenberg.com

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