Safety training and anti-bullying demystified

June 11th 2011

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Safety training and anti-bullying demystified

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Safety training and anti-bullying demystified

News Weekly, June 11, 2011

“Safety training” and “anti-bullying” demystified

With the ’60s over, have the progressives given up their corruption of the innocent? No; they are just sneakier about it. They camouflage abuse with lofty concepts, such as “diversity “ and “social justice”.

In today’s public schools, kids are inundated with sexual material. We’re not talking sex education here, but sex saturation.

The sexual immersion in today’s public schools doesn’t just stimulate kids to experiment with the opposite sex; it cajoles them to consider a gay or bi or polyamorous lifestyle.

Being gay appears more and more appealing as schools hold assemblies where gay teachers and teens offer guidance and support. And all of those special services and attention cast a magnetic spell on some children hungry for a sense of identity and belonging.

There’s actually a word for what schools are doing; it’s a form of recruitment called “queering”. This term became widely known after Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as his School Czar. Jennings became notorious in Massachusetts for his “queering” of teens through instructing them on hard-core practices such as fisting and water sports.

The latest craze … is teaching “gender diversity” to children as young as five. Gender diversity means that since gender is socially constructed, children are free to change their gender whenever the spirit moves them.

The progressives, of course, don’t publicise such training as queering or gender bending. In classic doublespeak, they cloak the programs in noble terms, such as “safety training,” and “anti-bullying.” (Thus, Kevin Jennings’ position in the Obama Administration has been carefully crafted as “The Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools”).

Extract from Robin of Berkeley, “The Left’s dirty little secret”, American Thinker, May 25, 2011.

(“Robin of Berkeley” is the pen-name of an American woman writer who has practised psychotherapy for over 20 years).


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