June 11th 2011

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EDITORIAL: Climate Commission's flawed report

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Behind the Liberals' leadership tensions

ELECTORAL REFORM: AEC ignores reports of electoral fraud

COVER STORY: Sydney wins bid to host World Congress of Families

SCHOOLS: Sexual diversity: coming to a school near you

Safety training and anti-bullying demystified

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: The cover-up of abortion's real risks

UK launch of woman's "right to know" campaign

AS THE WORLD TURNS:Taiwanese mothers reject paid parental leave

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Could global tsunami bring down the Eurozone?

MARITIME SECURITY: The growing incidence of piracy on the high seas

DEFENCE: Can Stephen Smith regain defence forces' trust?

MIDDLE EAST: Obama's Middle East reset leaves Israel out in cold

CHINA: One hundred years of republican government in China

COLD WAR: Dupes, useful idiots and fellow-travellers

SCHOOLS FUNDING: Advantages of parental choice in education


CINEMA: The Round-Up (La Rafle)

BOOK REVIEW Where wealth accumulates, and men decay

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TURNS:Taiwanese mothers reject paid parental leave

News Weekly, June 11, 2011

Taiwanese mothers reject paid parental leave

In May 2009, the government of Taiwan introduced a paid parental leave scheme under which mothers would receive 60 per cent of salary while taking parental leave for their children up to three years of age, to encourage young mothers to return to the workforce.

However, up to three-quarters of Taiwan’s career women eligible to apply for parental leave do not apply to take advantage of the option, a poll conducted by a Taiwanese employment agency, 1111 Job Bank, has found. (The poll covered employees in the non-government sector only.)

Only 26 per cent of eligible women had applied for parental leave compared with 74 per cent who had not, according to the results of a poll released on May 8.

The major reasons cited by the 74 per cent for not pursuing parental leave were fears of affecting their chances at a promotion, and economic stress on their employer, the survey found.

Among respondents without children or those with children over three years of age, 77 per cent said paid parental leave would not encourage them to have more children.

Extract from “For most new mothers, parental leave not for them: poll”, Central News Agency (Taipei), May 6, 2011.
URL: http://focustaiwan.tw/ShowNews/WebNews_Detail.aspx?Type=aSOC&TNo=&ID=201105060034


Arab Spring?

He is at it again. “Liberal democracy as the default form of government has become part of the accepted political landscape at the beginning of the 21st century.” Thus Francis Fukuyama — who fatuously proclaimed the fall of Communism to portend “the end of history” — said in his latest book.

Liberal democracy is part of the “accepted political landscape”? Accepted by whom? By China, which occupies a not inconsiderable portion of the landscape? Increasingly it is viewed with scepticism in the developed world which spawned it. …

What is the reality behind the moronically named “Arab Spring”? In Egypt it is of Islamists killing Christians, criminals breaking out of jail, the population arming itself and the Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings to inherit the earth. The West’s preferred candidate for president, Mohamed El Baradei, now admits: “We are disintegrating.”

In Tunisia, where the madness started, Islamists are murdering Christians (a Polish priest recently had his throat cut) and preparing insurrection. Yet Western leaders want to spread the contagion. They are destabilising Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria.

As the American commentator Pat Buchanan has pointed out, the advent of “democracy” in Syria would mean the Sunni majority massacring the Alawite minority and the 10 per cent Christian population.

After this apéritif, it would be onwards, for a square go with the Zionist Entity.

Extract from Gerald Warner, “Deluded pursuit of democracy will make winter of Arab Spring”, Scotlandon Sunday, May 29, 2011.
URL: http://news.scotsman.com/geraldwarner/Gerald-Warner-Deluded-pursuit-of.6776072.jp

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