June 11th 2011

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EDITORIAL: Climate Commission's flawed report

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Behind the Liberals' leadership tensions

ELECTORAL REFORM: AEC ignores reports of electoral fraud

COVER STORY: Sydney wins bid to host World Congress of Families

SCHOOLS: Sexual diversity: coming to a school near you

Safety training and anti-bullying demystified

REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: The cover-up of abortion's real risks

UK launch of woman's "right to know" campaign

AS THE WORLD TURNS:Taiwanese mothers reject paid parental leave

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Could global tsunami bring down the Eurozone?

MARITIME SECURITY: The growing incidence of piracy on the high seas

DEFENCE: Can Stephen Smith regain defence forces' trust?

MIDDLE EAST: Obama's Middle East reset leaves Israel out in cold

CHINA: One hundred years of republican government in China

COLD WAR: Dupes, useful idiots and fellow-travellers

SCHOOLS FUNDING: Advantages of parental choice in education


CINEMA: The Round-Up (La Rafle)

BOOK REVIEW Where wealth accumulates, and men decay

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by William L. James

News Weekly, June 11, 2011

All that glisters is not truth


If Ms Cate Blanchett, Mr Michael Caton and their team give their opinion publicly and collectively on a politically desired outcome that is dubious scientifically and more political than popular, they can expect salvoes and challenges to their claims.

They have been led by so-called conservationist and green groups from the unreality of the stage to the heat of the kitchen and can expect some of the ferocity of the controversy.

Has the team studied the issue deeply or have they been given the pap of patriotism, namely to preserve our country from the disasters that global warming prophets forecast? Have they been told that recent natural disasters are the proofs and harbingers of catastrophic man-made global warming without reference to long-term meteorological records?

Has anyone shown them that much of the science accepted by the IPCC is based on computer modelling with concomitant faults and reliance on data some of which was unreliable, notably that from NGOs?

How many of the team know of the East Anglia clique and Climategate or of the many adjustments to graphs and data made by so-called pioneer international “climate scientists” to better fit their theory? Do they know of the numerous criticisms of this group that wants no challenge to its findings?

Does the team realise that the hypothesis of man-made global warming is not 100 per cent proven and that, while many scientists accept the theory, there are many who do not. A head-count of scientists who agree and who don’t is immaterial, as consensus about a scientific theory is no proof.

No doubt some of us will be awed by this collection of Australian celebrities and the glow of their status may temporarily blind logical thought. Every member of that advertising campaign should know that there are strong scientific, economic and political arguments against their stance and that having entered the lists their glittering armour may be dented.

Greg O’Regan,
Farrer, ACT


Women in combat


Bill Muehlenberg’s article, “Dispatching women into frontline combat” (News Weekly, May 14, 2011), raised questions for me about how a male member of any of our police forces copes when he is dispatched along with a female officer to deal with violence in our communities.

No matter how well trained they may be, most police women lack the muscle power of men. This would surely put their male colleagues at a disadvantage dealing with violent thugs.

And what of the wives of policemen? Would they not worry about their husbands confronting violence with “one hand behind their back” most days of their working week?

Has any feminist ever expressed concerns for the rights of these women not to have that constant worry?

Frances Costa,
Macksville, NSW


More praise for Babette Francis and Bill Muehlenberg


Further to Don Ford’s letter (News Weekly, May 28, 2011), I, too, would like to commend Babette Francis and Bill Muehlenberg for their informed and articulate articles over the years.

Endeavour Forum, Salt Shakers, the National Civic Council and Family Voice Australia have also printed their thoughts on life issues.

Congratulations and thanks to both for their bravery and constancy under pressure! Let us pray daily for our pro-life leaders.

Mansfield, Qld

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