September 3rd 2011

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COVER STORY: Canberra rally: "Don't meddle with marriage"

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Labor same-sex marriage bid out of step with voters

EDITORIAL: Behind the manufacturing industry crisis

SOCIETY: The UK school that beat the rioters


CLEAN ENERGY: Confiscation under a cloak of scientific respectability

ENVIRONMENTALISM: Why so much heat in the climate change debate?

INTELLIGENCE BRIEFS: Three important issues and what they portend

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: Economic illusions have misled world leaders

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

UNITED STATES: Pro-life, pro-woman laws enacted in Louisiana

RUSSIA: Gorbachev denounces Putin for "castrating" democracy

HISTORY: Understanding the origins of the Great War


BOOK REVIEW Seven myths about the Mafia

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News Weekly, September 3, 2011

Britain’s governing elites have learned nothing

It is now clear that we have learned nothing from seeing our cities in flames and our streets ruled by violent thieves. The governing elite have decided to respond by pretending to be fierce for a few weeks.…

The Prime Minister David Cameron, who has a great talent for faking anger and concern over things he couldn’t care less about, gave a speech on Monday (and) declared that “government cannot legislate to change behaviour”.

This is both defeatist and untrue. The whole Fabian socialist project, which revolutionised our nation throughout the 20th century and which eventually took over the Tory Party itself, was intended to change behaviour, and did so.

So is the new program which has replaced it, the politically correct drive for “equality and diversity”.

The 1969 Divorce Reform Act completely changed the nature and standing of marriage. The Children Act of 1989 sharply reduced adult authority.

The consequences of the Human Rights Act are limitless. The Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971 decriminalised cannabis, with huge results for behaviour. So did the abolition of the old alcohol licensing laws.

Numberless Criminal Justice Acts have robbed the courts of power. What does he mean, “government cannot legislate to change behaviour”?

It can, and it does — but always in the wrong direction.

Extract from Peter Hitchens, “The picture that tells you everything you need to know about the Great Faker”, Daily Mail (UK), August 20, 2011.


EU drifting towards a debt union

Germany’s Bundesbank has issued a blistering critique of EU bail-out policies, warning that the eurozone is drifting towards a debt union without “democratic legitimacy” or treaty backing.

“The latest agreements mean that far-reaching extra risks will be shifted to those countries providing help and to their taxpayers, and entail a large step towards a pooling of risks from particular EMU states with unsound public finances,” said the bank’s August report.

It said an EU summit deal in late July threatens the principle that elected parliaments should control budgets. The Bundesbank said the scheme leaves creditor states with escalating “risks and burdens” yet no means of enforcing fiscal discipline to make this workable.

Extract from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, “Bundesbank questions legality of EU bail-outs”, The Telegraph (UK), August 22, 2011.


Superiority of school vouchers demonstrated

A (recent) meta-study by the superb social scientist, Greg Forster (A Win-Win Solution: the Empirical Evidence on School Vouchers), reviews the literature on (school) voucher programs, and … (reports) that competition from the voucher schools would force the public ones to improve their services.

Another study by Matthew Carr (The Impact of Ohio’s EdChoice on Traditional Public School Performance) … focuses on the crucial claim that voucher schools make public schools improve their quality of service through the force of competition (what he terms “the voucher threat”).

The 2010 study of the D.C. voucher program done by the U.S. Department of Education … shows that the students who went to voucher schools had a 21% higher graduation rate than students who applied for vouchers but lost the lottery (91% versus 70%).

And studies have shown that the voucher schools have lower rates of violence.

Extract from Gary Jason, “The superiority of school vouchers demonstrated”, American Thinker, August 21, 2011.


European “no-go” zones for non-Muslims

Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.

The “no-go” areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations. …

In the Tower Hamlets area of East London (also known as the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets), for example, extremist Muslim preachers, called the Tower Hamlets Taliban, regularly issue death threats to women who refuse to wear Islamic veils. Neighborhood streets have been plastered with posters declaring “You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone: Islamic rules enforced”.

In France, large swaths of Muslim neighborhoods are now considered “no-go” zones by French police. At last count, there are 751 Sensitive Urban Zones (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, ZUS), as they are euphemistically called.

In Germany, Chief Police Commissioner Bernhard Witthaut, in an August 1 interview with the newspaper Der Westen, revealed that Muslim immigrants are imposing “no-go” zones in cities across Germany at an alarming rate.

Extract from Soeren Kern, “European ‘no-go’ zones for non-Muslims”, Hudson New York, August 22, 2011.

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