December 8th 2012

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EDITORIAL: Defence Minister declares war on the services

CANBERRA OBSERVED: Labor celebrates surviving its fifth year in power

SCIENCE: Climate alarmism not justified by the evidence

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: AFA calls for wide-ranging inquiry into child sex abuse

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: New anti-discrimination bill threatens religious freedom

CANADA: Impact of same-sex marriage laws on free speech

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: South Africa - flawed, but not yet fractured

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Radical bank reform that could help end economic instability

OPINION: Is economics a part of ethics?

QUOTATIONS: The wisdom of Wilhelm Röpke (1899-1966)

GREAT FIGURES: One of the 20th century's greatest humanitarians

LIFE ISSUES: Abortion's short-sighted solution delivers long-term heartbreak


CINEMA: Stellar cast in latest James Bond movie

BOOK REVIEW Reflection on arranged marriages

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News Weekly, December 8, 2012

The greatest danger to society


Many non-religious people today think they can find happiness by deciding what is right and wrong themselves (relativism) and protest that Christians want “to impose their morality” on them.

But the greatest danger to society is not from Christian beliefs, which have given us our freedom and rights, but from secular atheistic beliefs which will not tolerate any dissent at all from their tenets, and demand total compliance or else! (totalitarianism).

Religion has been almost silenced in the Western world because our public institutions, parliaments, the judiciary, the media, the universities and schools, etc., keep a strict adherence to atheistic materialism, the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, to which they are slaves, and which is not our common heritage. They want an easier life.

In today’s spirit, there is hardly a reference to the full narrative of our culture, of the well-grounded transcendent beliefs we have in our origin, destiny and Judeo-Christian morality — proved over time to be the natural law basis of our freedoms, duties, rights, prosperity and the developments of all our arts, music, literature and sciences — much to the chagrin of Chinese and Muslim experts in their objective analyses of this heritage on several occasions.

Secular materialists think they alone have discovered the key to full truth and happiness by reducing human nature, marriage, family, etc., to mere arbitrary “social constructs” — as if they know better than the wisdom of the ages.

Our Judeo-Christian culture has certainly been tempered and often enhanced by Greco-Roman, Enlightenment and scientific influences, but the basic consensus — of the narrative and morality — has never been replaced because it is the objective truth of natural law, instinct and experience.

Our deepest yearnings are for the culture of truth, beauty, goodness, true love and unending life — and not for the debased culture of greed, envy, lust, hatred, violence and death, which are the results of those who are slaves to the compulsion of self-indulgence.

God save us from this hell on earth.

Rev. Fr Bernard McGrath,
Bendigo, Vic.


Why don’t young people hold hands anymore?


I recently read a sad and thought-provoking article by Anthony Esolen in America’s Crisis Magazine (November 19, 2012) about something odd he has observed at the college where he teaches. He writes, “The boys and girls don’t hold hands.”

Kevin O’Brien, commenting on Esolen’s article in America’s St Austin Review blog (November 19, 2012), warned, “Be advised that reading it might kind of break your heart.”

To throw in my own personal note: my wife Paula and I still habitually hold hands or go arm-in-arm when we’re out and about — nothing’s changed since we began courting 47+ years ago (apart, that is, from incidentals like the arrival of eight children and a dozen grandchildren).

The fact has not escaped people’s notice.

A very nice hospitality teacher at Marist College, Canberra, where I do relief teaching, declared a while ago at the table she and I were sharing with a half-dozen others in the staff-room one Monday morning, “Dr Jory, I’m surprised at you! I saw you arm-in-arm with that beautiful woman in Woden Plaza on Saturday! I thought, what would his wife think?”

Of course, she was being tongue-in-cheek — I think!

How regrettable that so many young people today are doomed never to find what my wife and I have never lost.

Colin Jory,
Narrabundah, ACT



Anthony Esolen, “Catholics, awake! Marriage doesn’t just happen!”, Crisis Magazine (Sophia Institute, Bedford, New Hampshire), November 19, 2012.

Kevin O’Brien, “Mayberry RIP”, St Austin Review (Fort Collins, Colorado), November 19, 2012.

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