June 8th 2013

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Abortion: the ultimate child abuse

by John Young

News Weekly, June 8, 2013

Brainwashing is something that happens to other people. Or are all of us affected by it to some degree? A test could be our attitude to abortion.

Murder is the deliberate killing of an innocent human being, so abortion is murder: the murder of pre-born babies. This is the principal cause of death in Australia, ahead of heart disease and cancer. While it is impossible to get exact figures, the number of surgical abortions can be conservatively estimated at 70,000 per year.

From the first moment of conception a unique human being exists, with 23 chromosomes and 50,000 genes inherited from each parent. The heart begins to beat 18 days after conception, and by eight weeks the ears, nose, lips and tongue can be seen, while brain waves can be detected. Even at this early stage a clearly recognisable human baby exists — not a blob of matter, as some pro-abortionists would have us believe.

Despite this, the law in Victoria allows abortion until birth, provided two doctors authorise it. That includes the late-term procedure called partial-birth abortion, where the baby is partly delivered and then a hole is stabbed in the head, a suction pump is inserted and the baby’s brains are sucked out. This causes the child severe suffering.

But even at a much earlier stage the child can feel pain (possibly as early as eight weeks). Some states in America have banned late-term abortions because of the pain the baby suffers.

Various methods are used to kill pre-born babies. Dilation and curette cuts the baby into pieces. The suction method dismembers and sucks the baby out by the application of a powerful suction machine. A saline solution, used for late-term abortions, causes the baby to be poisoned and burnt, suffering intense pain; and the mother delivers a dead child.

There is a strange inconsistency in the fact that public opinion tends to reject the death penalty for murderers, yet is tolerant of a death sentence being carried out on unwanted pre-born children. Further, even people who support the death penalty for particularly serious crimes would usually, I think, want the method to be painless. But when the present brutal abortion law was passed in the Victorian Parliament in 2008, amendments calling for pain relief were voted down, and there has been no public outcry about this.

Nor is there wide recognition of the effects on the mother. She knows deep down that she has had her child killed, however much she may try to rationalise her action, and in many cases this awareness haunts her for the rest of her life — as counsellors of women with post-abortion syndrome can testify.

The many health problems are conveniently ignored, including the compelling statistical evidence of the much higher risk of breast cancer in women who have had an abortion.

Logically, if the killing of a child before birth is justified, the killing of a child after birth could be justified under some circumstances. For instance, if it is permissible to kill a baby before birth because of its medical condition, what is wrong with killing a newborn baby if it has a grave and incurable medical condition? Professor Peter Singer is quite logical here, holding that poor quality of life can justify killing a baby either before or after birth.

This raises the question of those elderly or sick people who require expensive care or are seen as a burden on their families. Applying the principle that some innocent human beings may justly be put to death (namely children before birth), there is no logical reason to stop at that point. We are already on that slippery slope.

The present barbaric situation could never have been reached had the majority of people not been apathetic, because politicians who supported pro-abortion legislation would have lost their seats. So we should ask ourselves: Am I partly responsible for the murder of pre-born children? I certainly am if, when voting, I haven’t seen the candidates’ positions on abortion as a decisive factor in how I voted.

There is much that we should do. We need to know the facts as indicated above. We need to talk about the issue. A help here is the wearing of the Little Feet badge, showing the formation of a baby’s feet 10 weeks after conception. The whole body is similarly well formed at this early stage. These lapel badges can be bought from pro-life organisations, and provide an excellent starting point to illustrate the humanity of the unborn child.

Parliamentarians should be contacted and made aware of our position and the reasons for it. Before voting we should check on the voting record of politicians, information which the pro-life organisations have. And those organisations deserve our support, financial and otherwise.

With a federal election due shortly, it should be remembered that the right to abortion is a plank in the Australian Labor Party’s platform: the party is committed to it. Also, the women politicians who belong to the association called Emily’s List have a disproportionately large representation in the ALP; and Emily’s List is totally committed to abortion on demand. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is a member.

Some people insist that without prayer the abortion holocaust can’t be overcome; and I agree. But it also can’t be overcome without persistent and dedicated action. We should permanently commit ourselves to this, despite the setbacks and unpleasantness it inevitably involves.

John Young is a Melbourne writer on philosophical, theological and economic questions, and frequently contributes to AD 2000. His book The Scope for Philosophy is on sale from Freedom Publishing.

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