March 1st 2014

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Bill Glasson's support for 'gay' marriage cost him Griffith win

by Luke McCormack

News Weekly, March 1, 2014

The Coalition lost its chance to win the Queensland federal seat of Griffith in a recent by-election, because the Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate Bill Glasson maintained his controversial support for “gay” marriage, according to the Australian Family Association.

The Griffith by-election was held on February 8 following the resignation from parliament of former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd.

AFA national vice-president Michael Ord said: “Bill Glasson’s pledge just before the federal election last year to impose a re-definition of marriage on Australians aligned him with the government’s ‘rainbow rights’ MPs, such as Malcolm Turnbull, Teresa Gambaro and Warren Entsch.

“If Dr Glasson had been a more mainstream candidate who strongly supported Commonwealth marriage law, Labor would have lost the seat.

“Traditional LNP voters who support family values felt disenfranchised and many directed their votes to Labor instead, while traditional Labor voters who support the family had no incentive to change, as there was no difference between the candidates of the two major parties on this crucial issue.”

On the eve of last year’s federal election, held on September 7, Mr Ord had to dump 45,000 letterbox leaflets attacking Kevin Rudd’s pledge to introduce same-sex marriage, after Dr Glasson announced that he was just as radical as Mr Rudd on the issue (The Australian, August 27, 2013).

“The notion put forward by the gay lobby, that parents don’t object to homosexuality being taught to their children in health and physical education (HPE) classes at school, is ridiculous,” said Mr Ord.

“Homosexuality is rare and, if the Coalition thinks this is a vote-winner, then they will have to learn the hard way. Just look to the United Kingdom where the two key policies of UK Independence Party — leaving the European Union and keeping traditional marriage — have boosted their polling to equal that of the other major parties.”

Luke McCormack is Queensland state president of the National Civic Council. 

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