September 12th 2015

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Witness to Marriage Day, August 1

News Weekly, September 12, 2015

Months of preparation culminated in a rally to “Witness to Marriage”, one of many to be held throughout Australia in these months in support of traditional marriage. It was held at the Victory Life Centre in Osborne Park, WA, on Saturday August 1, 2015.

Archbishop Emeritus

Barry Hickey

Among those in attendance at the 500-strong gathering were three members of Federal Parliament, ALP Senator Joe Bullock, Luke Simpkins MP, and Ian Goodenough MP, who wrote a well documented case for traditional marriage in The West Australian, three members of the West Australian Parliament, leaders of the DLP and Australian Christians, representatives of groups in the community and Catholic Archbishop Emeritus Barry Hickey. A further 13 state parliamentarians sent apologies; along with those tendered by other prominent people. A few written messages of support had been received from some of these.

After preliminary hymn singing, MC John Barich, national vice-president of the Australian Family Association (AFA), introduced the leader of Victory Life Church, and patron of the AFA, Pastor Margaret Court. She opened proceedings by reminding the gathering cogently of the biblical basis for marriage in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

One of the two keynote speakers, Bill Muehlenberg, spoke on “The Importance of Marriage (and the War against It)”. He highlighted the attempt by the homosexual lobby to convince the public that granting same-sex marriage would make no appreciable difference to society. He proceeded to show, using specific cases both from overseas and in Australia, that people holding traditional views on marriage were already being penalised through the courts.

Mr Muehlenberg documented the cost of “equality”, a topic that Ryan Anderson covered during his Australian tour from August 16-20. It was announced that on September 20 rallies would be held throughout Australia in support of marriage organised by a new group called The Perth rally will be held at Langley Park.

Pastor Margaret Court presented awards to 13 couples recognising significant milestones in their married life. At a separate celebration in St Mary’s Cathedral on August 11, 97 couples were honoured for their fidelity to marriage.

After a short break, the gathering heard from the second keynote speaker, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, who discussed the ramifications of the recent United States Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v Hodges, which legalised same-sex marriage in that country (see News Weekly, August 29, 2015, for an edited version of Dr Zimmermann’s talk).

During the meeting reference was made to the by-election to be held in the WA seat of Canning. The result could have huge repercussions in the struggle for traditional marriage.

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