October 10th 2015

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COVER STORY Will drought and falling dollar spike food prices?

CANBERRA OBSERVED Nationals extract good deal in Turnbull takeover

EDITORIAL Obama's climate gambit: do as I say, not as I do!

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Senate committee says no to marriage plebiscite

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Turnbull divides party in Cabinet reshuffle

RURAL AFFAIRS FTAs eat away at our food and agriculture surpluses

RELIGION IN RUSSIA Byzantine Catholics driven underground

FINANCE Hidden by a metaphor: the secret life of money

EDUCATION Proliferation of screens making kids no smarter

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cabinet door must be open to public service

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Child-support program under the microscope

PUBLIC POLICY Prohibition of drugs has the evidence on its side

CINEMA Kids will love pixelated Aussie classic: Blinky Bill: The Movie

BOOK REVIEW Hope for the Land of the Southern Cross

BOOK REVIEW Evaluating arguments against free will


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News Weekly, October 10, 2015

The last conservative?


It is brave of Canberra Observed (News Weekly, September 28, 2015) to categorically state that Tony Abbott is the last conservative leader Australia will ever have.

Scott Morrison is just as conservative as Mr Abbott and, being 10 years younger, has plenty of time to see Malcolm Turnbull off; or, if the Liberals lose the 2016 election, be the conservative leader of the opposition and later prime minister.

John R. Barich,
Clarement, WA

Liberals self-destruct


The Liberals have no future they have destroyed themselves. Just pick up the chatter on social media and the negativity to Turnbull and the Libs is running 20 to 1.

Pretty much everyone is going to either park their votes elsewhere or vote informal.

Tony Evans

Good men needed


The overthrow of the Abbott government is a threat to all the principles that the Movement has stood for.

Turnbull and his ilk will support abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia. If it is socially immoral these inner-city yuppies will support it. Their neo-liberalism will be at odds with every economic policy that the Movement has stood for for the last 70 years.

News Weekly has no choice but to actively oppose the Liberals at the next election.

The editorial position of the last few years of Tony Abbott as the best we can hope for is now untenable. We now need to advance into Liberal territory, tear their branches apart, create infighting at all levels of the Liberal Party. We need the good men in the Liberal Party to tear the organisation apart from the inside and then rebuild in a distributist fashion.

The sacking of our supporters in Cabinet and replacement with the likes of Wyatt Roy make any semblance of neutrality with respect to the Liberal Party untenable.

We need votes of no confidence in Liberal Party branches, with votes of support for Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and Eric Abetz.

Let us all work on putting the morally evil last and the less-than-moral second last.

Andrew Jackson,
Burpengary, Qld.

Measly number


In 1983, Australia’s migrant intake was about 125,000. In 1989, in response to the Tiananmen Square crisis, it rose to 170,000.

In 1993 it was down to 72,000. Surely we can do more than add a measly 12,000 to our refugee/migrant intake in response to the appalling tragedy in Syria?

Lucy Sullivan,
Moana, SA

Charter of Rights wrong


“The Queensland Government proposal for a Charter of Rights inquiry should ring warning bells,” Family Voice Queensland state directory Geoffrey Bullock said recently.

He continued: “No one should assume such a charter would protect important rights. There is no evidence that the Victorian charter has done so. The Soviet dictatorship had a magnificent bill of rights that protected no one.

“In a democracy, our laws protect our rights. If that protection is inadequate, elected MPs can change the law to fix the problem. But once you list rights in a charter, there will inevitably be conflicts about which rights are more important, and it is unelected judges, not elected MPs, who get to decide.”

Mr Bullock quoted late Queensland High Court Chief Justice Sir Harry Gibbs: “At first sight it might appear that a bill of rights could do nothing but good, securing liberty and justice. There are disadvantages as well as advantages. Perhaps the greatest disadvantage is that no human mind can foresee the effect which a court may ultimately give to general words intended to guarantee a right.”

Sir Harry also said: “If a society is tolerant and rational it does not need a bill of rights.”

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.

Whos monomania?


Comments made by David James, when reviewing Greg Sheridan’s book, When We Were Young & Foolish (News Weekly, August 15, 2015), are, at the very least, insulting to the many who appreciate country music.

To say that it is “horrifying” and “indicates a deeply unhealthy monomania” and “a disturbing liking for country music”, to have recordings of only one artist, makes me wonder who has got the problem.

As a point of interest, Glenn Campbell is very middle of the road when it comes to country music. It would be interesting to note the reviewer’s reaction if the cassettes were of Chad Morgan.

Also I think it is quite understandable that our then Prime Minister had an appreciation of a real man, actor John Wayne.

A book review should take in the accuracy and credibility and the writer’s expertise. Readers are not interested in the reviewer’s personal opinion of someone mentioned in the book.

Steve Hayes,
Warwick, Qld.

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