November 7th 2015

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Bishops being prosecuted for supporting man+woman marriage Here is what you can do

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News Weekly, November 7, 2015

B.A. memoir a live topic


In response to the recent material on Gerard Henderson’s memoir of B.A. Santamaria, I’d like to add a few facts about my own experience.

Soon after I became a research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, Gerard approached me. I refused even to have a brief conversation with him about the prospect of leaving the IPA to join the Sydney Institute.

So, I well understand why numerous friends of Bob Santamaria’s named by Peter Westmore, including the late, great Bob O’Connell, refused to grant him an interview.

For over seven years on invitation I directed a youth group in Sydney for B.A.S. and attended annual Thomas More Centre events in Melbourne.

Shortly after that, at a large gathering of Catholics in Sydney, I raised my hand to ask a question and comment on events discussed by eminent panelists, including Edmund Campion.

When I rose to speak, Anne Henderson hissed me from her seat in the audience. I was so shocked that I have never forgotten it.

Several brave older men, long-time friends of Bob Santamaria, spoke to me afterwards. They commended me for my courage in refusing to sit down, and they applauded my implicit insistence that my own quiet voice had a place in the proceedings.

I mention this because I continue to be appalled by the omissions in Gerard Henderson’s continuing, self-serving, story about the NCC. He and his wife regularly appear on ABC 24 television, and I observe that the hissing hasn’t stopped – though I myself, in retirement, am no longer one of its objects.

Nevertheless, insofar as both Hendersons now behave in the civilised, historically accurate manner required in the public square, their civic ventures merit commendation.

Dr Susan Reibel Moore,
Castle Hill, NSW


Wrong time for fiction


I was reading Mr Westmore’s latest in News Weekly (October 24) re Sir Peter Lawler.

I quote from said article: “Before joining The Australian, Pamela Williams was a long-serving journalist with Fairfax Media. At the time she left The Australian Financial Review in 2014, an article appeared in The Australian that quoted her saying that she felt the time was now right for her to write fiction.”

I have read her article in The Australian, and it seems to me that she has not only dipped her toe into the realm of the fictional but dove right in.

Anne Lastman,
Vermont South, Vic.


History lesson


The government should read the history of the Commonwealth Bank.

I believe they actually created the money to fund the war effort, and when asked if they could continue to fund government infrastructure, without creating debt, the answer was, “certainly”. Check it out yourself.

If they could do it then, why can’t they do it now?

Ron Holt

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