February 13th 2016

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News Weekly, February 13, 2016

Defectives in the gun


I read with interest and of course agreement John Young’s article, “Victoria enacts law based on lies told to Parliament”. But, then again, I would have to say that this has been going on for years now in Victoria.

We know that Parliament has been stacked with rabidly pro-abortion persons who will not even listen to a reasonable discussion on abortion. This was evidenced when proposed amendments to the demonic 2008 abortion bill were emphatically rejected. Imagine rejecting an amendment that would have alleviated the pain of a dying baby. Only someone who cannot feel for another would reject this.

Even in the present instance, the insistence of the exclusion zone around an abortion facility (not clinic – clinics are good places) so that no assistance can be given to those coming for an abortion where possible to save the life of a child, shows how callous these “illustrious” holders of office indeed are.

Imagine: even offering assistance or praying at a place of death (which is one of the Works of Mercy of a Catholic or Christian) offends the sensitivities of our illustrious elected representatives; insanity has again prevailed.

If it became legal in 2008 to kill an in utero child to full term then it should not surprise us that a political party like the “Sex Party” – yes, that’s right, the Sex Party – abetted by the Labor Party, should have taken the further step to remove from public vision all signs of their beliefs about the life issue. Life is worthless unless it votes.

John Young believes that the next move will be to restrict the right of pro-lifers to help parents and babies. I don’t agree; there are a million ways around this. I believe the next move will be legalised euthanasia of “defective” children. Compulsory screening and forced abortion of children found with any type, no matter how small, of disability.  It will be search and destroy and any that get through will be euthanased. I see this coming in the near future. Not long ago some so-called eminent Melbourne philosophers called it “post-birth abortion”.

Hitler and Margaret Sanger would have been proud of how far our politicians have advanced their cause.

Anne Lastman,
Vermont South, Vic.

Heaven and hell


Professor Ian Plimer’s Heaven and Hell is a thoughtful response to Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si.

The encyclical has attracted a lot of academic interest. Certainly the professor supports his case with voluminous references to the scientific literature. He is concerned that political activism is tending to displace rigorous scientific research in discussion of the environment. In particular, the zealous demonising of carbon dioxide has clouded the truth of the matter.

In this regard, the Pope recognises “that the world cannot be analysed by isolating only one of its aspects, since ‘the book of nature is one and indivisible’, and includes the environment, life, sexuality, the family, social relations, and so forth”.

Perhaps it is time to recall that theology was once he queen of sciences. For theology is a rigorous quest for truth, and God is truth.

John H. Cooney,
Cowwarr, Vic.

Critics will speak


Pat Byrne’s article on Gilles Kepel suggests that Kepel is a self-loathing Westerner who wants to blame the West for Islam’s shortcomings.

He uses the term “Islamophobes”. That’s supposed to silence his critics, and prove he’s politically correct and 18c compliant.

The dictionary meaning of the word phobia is irrational fear. There is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. Try telling Coptic Christians, police officers, soldiers, security guards, victims of terrorism and the women Islamists treat like cattle, that they are Islamophobes.

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants new arrivals to learn English in two years so they can get a job, or else they will be deported. Is this Islamophobic or common sense?

Why doesn’t Kepel compare the life of Jesus with the life of Mohammed? This would give him a more rounded understanding of the problem.

Marc Schellekens,
Drouin, Vic.

Editorial note

The writer has misunderstood Kepel completely. He is neither “a self-loathing Westerner” nor does he want “to blame the West for Islam’s shortcomings”. He is a person of immense knowledge and experience of both the Western and Islamic world who can help us to respond appropriately to the challenge of Islamist extremism.

The alternative course of action is to play into the hands of terrorists like bin Laden, who tried to trigger a war between the whole Islamic world and the West and failed.

As for David Cameron’s proposal, the writer has also deeply misunderstood it, repeating comments made by Cameron’s critics on the far left. The Cameron Government is providing the equivalent of $50 million to help Muslim women who have entered England on a “spousal visa” to learn English, to counter radicalism and to bring Muslim women into the mainstream.

Peter Westmore
National president of
the National Civic Council


Burning indignation


If the 116 householders who lost houses in the fires along the Great Ocean Road mounted a class action, we might start to get some action on the recommendations of the 2009 royal commission. They should nail the individuals responsible for refusing to do the recommended burn-offs. Another move might be to place large advertisements in the press naming departments, ministers and individuals responsible.

Paul Amos
Seaford, Vic.

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