May 21st 2016

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CANBERRA OBSERVED Labor may find it's not easy to avoid being green

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ENVIRONMENT Cut tax breaks to wonky green groups: committee

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MUSIC The muse, leisure and the importance of play

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BOOK REVIEW Preserving essential social values

BOOK REVIEW Putting postmodernism in its grave



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News Weekly, May 21, 2016

Safe Schools and freedom of information


Wendy Francis, Queensland director for the Australian Christian Lobby, asked the Queensland Government to provide a list of the schools participating in the Safe Schools program.

She was told that the list was secret, so she had to make an application under Freedom of Information laws.

It is understandable that the Queensland Government is jittery about letting out too much information about its plans to educate school children.

The “Safe Schools” program is useless as an anti-bullying campaign, with practically nothing organised to combat the real causes of bullying, such as race, religion, weight, height, looks and others. It is really a full-scale attempt to introduce radical gender ideology, including telling teachers they should not use phrases such as “boys and girls”.

Parents need to be aware of the alarming content that is included to indoctrinate their children.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.


Earth Hour and other follies


Earth hour is futile. The hubris of thinking we can save the planet! Really! It’s much more important to save people from famine, homelessness, poverty and disease.

If greenies believe the planet is under some dire threat from fossil-fuel emissions, why don’t they keep their lights off indefinitely? Just how serious are these people about “saving the planet?”

In the future people may have to switch off for far longer periods than just one hour in order to save on their costly power bills and also to prevent rolling blackouts.

Nature has blessed this country with ample resources which supply us with an abundance of cheap power. And given Australia has a rapidly expanding population, we must not squander this valuable asset and jettison coal-fired power in favour of unreliable and expensive renewables.

Besides, the latest data reveals that the planet is absolutely under no threat from fossil-fuel emissions.

Yet, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has pledged to bring back a tax on carbon emissions.

With Arrium on the brink of collapse in Whyalla with the loss of some 3,000 jobs nationally, a carbon tax will further devastate Australian industry.

Manufacturing in this country has declined from around 17 per cent of GDP in 1990 to just 6.8 per cent today.

A carbon price will have no impact on climate change as 97 per cent of CO2 in the atmosphere is naturally occurring. Of the remaining 3 per cent, Australia’s emissions are 1 per cent of that. They are of no consequence in the overall scheme of things.

Mr Shorten’s main reason for bringing back a carbon tax is to stop the hemorrhage of ALP environmental voters defecting to the Greens.

If “Electricity Bill” really believes that Australia needs to spend billions now to forestall massive spending on global warming disasters in the future, he should consult environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, who has done his homework and has calculated that taking action now will result in spending three times the amount that a wait-and-see approach would cost.

Mr Shorten would be better advised to call for a royal commission on climate change rather than keelhauling the banks. This commission could test the veracity of global warming claims before Australia rushes in and squanders billions on measures to combat it, when in a decade or two it may become apparent that the current dire predictions were grossly exaggerated.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale, Vic.

Go figure!


In one breath authorities are concerned with suicides among young people, trying to tell them that it is not the easy way out. Yet, in the next breath, they are pushing euthanasia because it is the easy way out.

Jack Palmer,
Balneaire, WA


Critique of the critics


May I comment on the boxed quotes accompanying the fine article by Warwick Marsh (News Weekly, April 23, 2016)? Seemingly all the females quoted are ignorant that “a critic’s criticism is the criticism of a critic”. Likewise all seem to disagree that “a lady is a woman who makes it easy for a man to be a gentleman”.

A.W. Hartwig,
Nerang, Qld.


Least worst is your best option


The next federal election will be crucial for Australia’s future. Your editorial put the choice starkly: “If Labor wins … [its] agenda on industrial relations, same-sex marriage, support for the Safe Schools program and other issues will be implemented” (News Weekly, April 4, 2016).

The Turnbull-led Coalition may have deficiencies in its ethical and economic credentials but the alternative is frighteningly worse.

The conservative rump in the Coalition will continue to nullify Turnbull’s potential excesses but nothing will contain the moral and fiscal profligacy of Labor and the Greens if the voters hand Shorten the keys to the Lodge.

Richard Congram,
Mosman, NSW

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