August 13th 2016

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Tories push trans agenda hard in schools, prisons

by Hal G.P. Colebatch

News Weekly, August 13, 2016

The British Conservative Government under mock-Tory David Cameron is either actively promoting or supinely condoning transsexualism in schools and prisons, with concepts of clear differentiation between the sexes being labeled as bigotry.

Prisons and schools get the same treatment.

The mind boggles at what would happen under a Labour Government – but perhaps some of the working-class, cloth-capped miner types who comprise its traditional support-base would object.

Teachers in the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) are being advised to avoid use of the word “girls”, to cater for transsexual pupils, despite the fact that “transsexuals” are a minuscule minority of the population and probably non-existent in many schools. At assemblies, staff are encouraged to say “pupils” or “students” instead of “girls” because of hypothetical children who are “posing questions around their gender identity”.

The single-sex schools have also been advised to create unisex toilets (standing urinals for girls’ schools?).

What exactly is the point of this, it is hard to say, except, apparently, to promote abnormal and disordered feelings in children. It is evidently intended to destroy any certain knowledge of gender identity, despite the fact that innumerable studies, not to mention common sense, have shown that confusion about gender identity in children creates all manner of social pathologies and, frequently, desperately unhappy lives. Parents, of course, are not consulted.

It would be very easy to brainwash a child – feeling, say, a intense admiration for an older child or adult of the same sex, such as is quite common, innocent, normal, and usually grown out of in time – that he or she is homosexual for life, a belief that could play havoc with the child. There was certainly a lot to be said against my own boarding school, but there boys caught in homosexual horseplay simply got their bottoms whacked with a slipper and that was the end of it.

1 per cent tail wags 99 per cent dog

The advice came after the GSA had heard from the Gendered Intelligence (GI) campaign group. GI chairman Jay Stewart said that the phrase “young ladies” was sexist and transphobic. Yet GI’s own website admits that “around 1 per cent” of people fall “somewhere on the broad trans spectrum”.

According to the Christian Institute, which broke this story, the number of people who have been issued with something called a Gender Recognition Certificate since the 2004 act to change their legal “birth sex” is less than 4,500 – around 0.007 per cent of the British population. Office for National Statistics figures for 2015 show that 1.6 per cent of people in Britain are lesbian, homosexual or bisexual.

The Christian Institute also points out that the Department for Education has recently allocated £200,000 ($A245,000) to homosexual and transsexual lobby group Educate & Celebrate. The group advocates a “gender neutral” uniform policy in schools, meaning boys can wear skirts. This has been introduced in around 40 primary schools in England.

In April, a mother said she was scared for her little girl’s future in a society where pressure to endorse transsexualism is on the rise. In a letter published in The Guardian, the mother described her fear that because her little girl dislikes “girls’ stuff”, she will be vulnerable to “trans” campaigners telling her she is trapped in the wrong body. In January, prominent columnist and author Melanie Phillips said that believing in a clear distinction between male and female is now being labeled as bigotry.

As further evidence of the Government’s drive to promote trassexualism and degrade and discredit traditional sexual norms, it seems now that transsexual prisoners may be allowed to serve their sentences in the prison of their choice, under official guidance. The new policy for England and Wales also orders prison staff to respect the “self-identified gender” of inmates and ensure men have access to hair dye and make-up.

The new draft policy admits it will not always be possible to place transsexual prisoners in the jail of their choice but stresses that they should always be able to live as they choose.

“Regardless of where prisoners are held, they should be respected in their self-identified gender, being provided with those items that enable their gender expression.”

A review into present prison policy concluded that it placed too much emphasis on a prisoner’s “birth sex” and whether they had undergone “sex-change” surgery. The new draft policy says to avoid “distress and harm”, staff should endorse whichever gender an inmate chooses to identify as.

So, will violent rapists who suddenly inform prison staff that they choose to identify as female be allowed to use showers with women prisoners? Anyone who has been inside a prison, even as a visitor, knows that completely secure policing of the inmates is impossible, and that bullying, bashing, homosexual rape and other terrorisation of non-violent inmates by some of the worst psychopaths in existence is not uncommon even in high-security prisons.

The files, moreover, are already full of cases where psychopathic prisoners are placed in situations where they endanger other prisoners. Unisex or “transsexual” prisons could multiply this shocking problem to a grotesque degree – in the name, apparently, of avoiding “distress” and “harm”.

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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