August 13th 2016

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COVER STORY Rating the ratings agencies: FFF and "Watch out"

CANBERRA OBSERVED Despite bumbling, youth detention inquiry is needed

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Erdogan's political coup will transform Turkey

SEXUAL POLITICS Transgender Olympians: what about the AFL?

EDITORIAL Marriage plebiscite: why not a referendum?

SEXUAL POLITICS Gay lobby grasps at normal and natural

MILITARY HISTORY The Western Front, 1916: our costliest theatre of war

MILITARY HISTORY Delville Wood, 1916: South Africa's Gallipoli

EUTHANASIA Disability hate crime: then the rest is silence

BRITISH POLITICS Tories push trans agenda hard in schools, prisons

TAIWANESE HISTORY AND POLITICS Fractious party puts Tsai in a pickle

MUSIC Davis biopic sadly miles off the mark

CINEMA Bourne again, but still lost: Jason Bourne

BOOK REVIEW An empire built on suffering

BOOK REVIEW Freedom of speech


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News Weekly, August 13, 2016

For Sister Pauline Fitz-Walter

All speaking needs this meaning, God is love:

To breathe this sentence into breaths of life

Through all conjunctions – to the heart of strife,

Perfects believing, or attracts the Dove.

The words are twigs of olive, topping the grove,

Angelic fingers that prevent the knife;

Or blood, the secret where the bride’s a wife;

They’re water burning red in grace above.

God is, but hangs upon our utterance,

We burgeon or we wither as we speak,

Creation trembles on our moving lips:

Is love – and there we predicate the dance;

Is love – and we find all our strength to seek;

Is love – and, there! a soft wing simply dips.

Andrew Huntley


Andrew Huntley’s latest collection of poems, From Tradition and away from Tradition, Poems 2001-2014, is available online for $29.95. Google “eBay” and “Andrew Huntley”.

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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