December 3rd 2016

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Victorian Liberals pledge to scrap Safe Schools

by Gabrielle Walsh

News Weekly, December 3, 2016

The Victorian Liberal State Council has unanimously voted to axe the extreme Safe Schools program if they win the next state election in 2018. At a packed State Council in Ballarat, on Saturday November 19, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy announced that the Liberals would get rid of the Safe Schools program in Victorian schools if the Coalition wins the 2018 election.

This was endorsed by the first motion: “That this State Council calls upon the Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party to seek to withdraw (repeal) the Andrews’ Labor Government’s Safe Schools (LGBTIQ) anti-bullying program, in its entirety, and as a matter of urgency.”

It was noted that, in its current form, the Safe Schools (LGBTI) anti-bullying program as implemented in Victorian schools by the Andrews’ Labor Government is an extremist sex-education program.

The motion was supported with a unanimous vote in favour and was endorsed by Shadow Minister for Education Nick Wakeling.

Clearly, the party faithful do not support the Safe Schools program infesting Victorian schools. The program was introduced by the Victorian Labor government in 2010. After the November 2010 state election, the Liberals continued to support Safe Schools as an optional sex-education program. In contrast, the subsequent Andrews’ Labor Government is making the program compulsory in all Victorian schools by the end of 2018.

At the open forum, Shadow Minister Wakeling said, judging from NAPLAN results, educational standards in Victoria had flatlined and were not improving. Precious teaching time, time that could be spent on maths, reading, writing, improving the skill levels of Victorian children, was being absorbed by Safe Schools sex education.

Avowed Marxist Roz Ward co-authored the Safe Schools program. She admits that Safe Schools is not an anti-bullying program but promotes transgender ideology. Premier Daniel Andrews has committed $1.04 million to maintaining and promoting the program in Victoria to ensure that every Victorian government secondary school is a member by the end of 2018.

At the Liberal State Council, Moira Deeming, young mother of three and a teacher with 10 years’ experience, presented in the “Marketplace of Ideas” on the topic of Safe Schools. Moira stunned those present with information about the program and the new Building Respectful Relationships program, to oppose domestic violence.

Safe Schools resource All of Us includes worksheets on which students learn about a range of gender identities including bisexual, queer and pansexual. Through the program students are taught that gender is fluid and that they have the autonomy to make their own decisions, including sexual decisions.

Mrs Deeming said: “The Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs advocate a sexual revolution – not safety for our vulnerable LGBTI kids. Thanks to Daniel Andrews, the program recommends students access outside links and venues which raises serious questions about grooming and child protection. The program prepares children for sexual activity.”

The Safe Schools program flies close to the wind of Victorian law. The Crimes Amendment (Grooming) Act 2014, which commenced in Victoria on April 9, 2014, introduced the offence of grooming for sexual conduct with a child under the age of 16 years. This offence targets predatory conduct designed to facilitate later sexual activity with a child.

The Betrayal of Trust report, which issued from the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non-Government Organisations, recommended the grooming offence, given the way in which many sex offenders target their victims. Grooming can be conducted in person or online: for example, via interaction through social media, web forums and emails.

Many perpetrators of sexual offences against children purposely create relationships with victims, their families or carers in order to create a situation where abuse can occur. For this reason, parents, carers or other family members who have been targeted by perpetrators in order to gain access to a child are also victims.

The Victim’s Charter Act 2006 was amended expressly to provide that a child and a family member of that child are victims of a grooming offence and are entitled to provide a victim impact statement to a court. The number of grooming cases in Victoria has doubled from 132 in 2006 to 258 cases in 2015.

The Government’s response to the Victorian inquiry into child abuse was the mandatory Child Safe Standards. Yet already schools administrators are expressing concern about the requirements of those standards, as are principals and teachers. There appears to be a serious clash with the content of the Safe Schools program and the Child Safe Standards, particularly on the subject of grooming.

Parents are being overridden as more power is given to teachers to make gender transitioning and other health decisions without parental consent. This is supported by the Andrews Government’s proposal to place medical practitioners within school communities.

As for the Victorian Liberal State Council, for the first time, a state political party has committed to repeal the Safe Schools program and install a broad and effective anti-bullying program. This move is worthy of full support.

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