February 25th 2017

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CANBERRA OBSERVED Splintering of support gets under PM's skin

EDITORIAL What future has Senator Cory Bernardi?

ENVIRONMENT U.S. Congress to investigate shonky climate report

ELECTRICITY Green policies threaten energy security and jobs

ELECTRICITY A solution to South Australia's power crisis

WATER POLICY 450 gigalitres upwater not feasible on Murray-Darling

EUTHANASIA Dutch nursing home death: more excuses, more killing

CHARTICLES Carbon dioxide is turning the Earth a brighter green

EUROPEAN AFFAIRS Germany's new army: Will it roll the iron dice?

MUSIC Hitman parade: when singers go political

TV SERIES The personal subsumed: The Crown

HUMOUR Exciting publishing event


BOOK REVIEW Win the war, lose the peace

BOOK REVIEW Science under the thumb of ideology

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Exciting publishing event

News Weekly, February 25, 2017

We need your help. News Weekly’s editorial team has undertaken the task of compiling the much-needed revised edition of Forget’s Dictionary of Inaccurate Facts, Furphys and Falsehoods.

Professor Anscombe Bitisirov, Oxford don and world-recognised Interpol wantee, who edited the last revision of the text in 1935, wrote in his preface at the time: “While much of Forget’s tome is still as erroneous today as it was when he first perceived the need for such a compilation in 1850s France, the world has moved on, and some of his facts have subsequently been found not to be as inaccurate as was believed at the time; while others have since been rendered true by scientific and social advances; and many of his illustrations of classic falsehoods, while retaining an historic and palaeological interest, have lost their power to illuminate and persuade the modern reader.”

Professor Bitisirov has long had in mind a project to publish yet another edition of Forget’s classic in view of the recognition that, what he wrote of the original in 1935 is true today of his revision. However, age and infirmity (and the necessity of keeping continually on the run from Interpol) have rendered it impossible for him personally to supervise such a demanding task.

Thus it was that, when word came to the Professor that the team at News Weekly was free, he put himself in contact with them through a friend at the Congolese Embassy and commissioned them to make his revision a reality.

Now, at last, the task is all but done, and all that is lacking are funds to see the work through the presses.

To that end, News Weekly is seeking subscribers to the forthcoming volume. The cost for each copy will be $4500 in small denominations (Anabaptists, Menemites, Quakers, Christadelphians, Adamists), for which subscribers will be memorialised at the end of the book. The subscribed volumes will be printed on vellum-like semi-carbon fax paper and bound in wrinkle-free nylostophene and may be ordered in any of three colours: puce, caca yellow or fire-engine red. In addition, the family name and coat of arms of each subscriber will be embossed upon the front cover in lurid neons.

The publication of this carefully prepared volume will come to be seen as a landmark event in the history of comparative mythomania as well as making a fine addition to any family library that needs a doorstop.

Don’t miss out! Send c/c details or postal orders (no cheques, please) to:

The Comptroller
Forget Publishing Subscription Fund
Down the Alley off Collins
Second Window Ledge on the Right
Melbourne VIC 3004


All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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