February 25th 2017

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News Weekly, February 25, 2017

Realities of Climate

Much theatre is being made as politicians wring their hands and point the finger to blame opponents over the current electricity crisis. However, nobody dares question what is clearly at the heart of the problem.

The United Nations, 40 years ago, was misled by extravagant claims of dangerous anthropogenic global warming being caused by industrialisation, especially the burning of fossil fuels. The IPCC was established, a Framework Convention on Climate Change was put in place, and countries competed to have the largest reductions in carbon-dioxide emissions. Essentially, who was to be greenest of them all?

Yet, despite billions of dollars spent trying to validate the claims, there is no convincing evidence from the IPCC that any changes of climate over the ensuing period are anything other than natural climate variability – within the bounds of what has been experienced in the past and what is likely to be encountered in the future.

Our politicians should get back to basics, to establish policies that deliver secure and cheap power based on our abundant resources. The delusion of dangerous anthropogenic climate change was a needless frolic that has only delivered pain and hardship to the Australian people.

William Kininmonth,
Docklands, Vic

SSM or bust!

Over the past few months, people have been asked to put in parliamentary submissions on same-sex marriage (SSM) and freedom of religion.

The experience with SSM is that no matter what one writes, a rump of the Parliament has decided that SSM is to be pursued at all costs. Parliamentary submissions to them are a joke.

The Federal Government went to the election promising a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. The Senate blocked it. The ALP, Greens and some crossbench senators know that Australians do not want SSM, but still obstructed the Senate and voted not to allow a people’s vote.

These obstructers are very happy to put in submissions against freedom of religion. It is another tool in their kitbag to massage the community into tearing down the fabric of society. Get same-sex marriage by parliamentary vote, get rid of religious input and damn giving Power to the People.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.

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