April 8th 2017

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COVER STORY Euthanasia: shutting up by shouting down

EUTHANASIA British actress tells it like it is

CANBERRA OBSERVED Move on 18C a return to a classic Liberal position

EDITORIAL Kowtowing to China is a serious mistake

ENERGY Hazelwood is vital to Australia's power supply

FOREIGN AFFAIRS UK sets out on the bumpy road to Brexit

QUEENSLAND Women have a victory over the abortion industry

BEHIND THE NEWS Ataturk and modern Turkey out of the shadow

WEST AUSTRALIAN ELECTION Unions and Emily's Listers reap WA Labor's harvest

LITERATURE The Napoleon of Notting Hill: Chesterton for today

HUMOUR Excerpts from the revised and updated edition of Forget's Dictionary of Inaccurate Facts, Furphys and Falsehoods

MUSIC Program notes: Jazz's two-tiered appeal

CINEMA The Boss Baby: Tots that mean business

BOOK REVIEW End to history nowhere in sight

BOOK REVIEW That sinking feeling



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News Weekly, April 8, 2017

Pro Multis, non Pro Omnibus

“It may be that God has borne, long and patiently, with those who are the objects of his vengeance.”

Romans 9: 22

The Virgin’s little cousin
  Was a fearful little beast,
Who didn’t care for Abraham
  Or Isaac in the least –

Or for Jacob!  He liked Esau …
  “Oh, that sad, impulsive man!”
Sighed the Virgin (who was pondering
  What Jacob said of Dan).

Her cousin made a face
  And lobbed a pebble in the Book,
The little Virgin raised her eyes
  And found another nook,

But her cousin scrambled after:
  “I’ll be still, though, Mary, please,
Read from Machabees, of mighty
  Antioch Epiphanes!”*

Then down sweet Mary’s cheek there rolled
  A little, perfect tear,
And she hugged her heedless cousin
  Amid tenderness and fear;

But he struggled and he wrestled
  Till he wriggled from his coat,
Snatched and fed the Law and Prophets – think! –
  To Joachim’s old goat.

Andrew Huntley

*The Virgin’s little cousin mispronounces this abominable person’s name. There is good drawn from his evil, however, in that the rhythm and rhyme of the ballad are thus maintained.

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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