August 26th 2017

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South Africa is losing its rainbow nation credentials

by John Elsegood

News Weekly, August 26, 2017

After 23 years in government, South Africa’s ANC has demonstrably failed to produce a cohesive nation, despite being critical of the preceding apartheid years.

In fact, it is the blatant anti-white racism of the ANC that has led to many of the beleaguered white minority (8 per cent of the 54 million) to seek to withdraw from the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

By almost any test, except enhancing the dignity of the black majority, the years of white minority government were better than the socialist misrule of the ANC, a political party that has long been thoroughly permeated with the Marxist principles of the discredited SACP (communists).

Even South African ex-pat Lord Peter Hain, who carved out a nice ministerial career for himself in British Labour politics, has finally realised he is, in the words of Lenin, one of the “useful idiots”, of history.

Too late, my Lord, to complain about the ANC engaging in cronyism and “looting the country”, and far too late to claim credit for stopping whites-only South African cricket teams from competing at Test level for a generation, when today ANC stooges impose racial quotas on the great game that effectively give preference to black players by denying selection on merit. Ditto for other international and domestic teams.

New Animal Farm: Jacob Zuma, left,
is squandering Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Since the National Party years ended (1948–94), income distribution, employment opportunities, education standards, and health services have all declined.

When ANC political leaders call for burying Boers deep on their farms and State President Jacob Zuma chants and dances about “kill the Boers”, it is not only blatantly racist but incites thugs to engage in murder and mayhem in both urban and rural areas. Accordingly, white farmers have the most dangerous job in the world.

The vandalism and destruction of historic monuments and the renaming of national holidays and streets have all told the white minority that in the new Animal Farm, under ANC management, some are definitely going to be more equal than others in the Orwellian society.

 When a street is renamed in honour of the murderer of women and children Christmas shoppers at Amanzimtoti (December 23, 1985) what sort of message does that send to the minority in the new South Africa?

Further to provoking such racist behaviour, Zuma is now proposing land theft. Theft is the only word that can be used to describe appropriating freehold land without compensation. If he wants to look back in history at land grabbing, the president – a Zulu – need look only at the murderous record of Shaka and Mzilikazi against other tribes in the 19th century. At least a million blacks perished under their tyranny in the Mfecane (crushing).

This more recent history has led to movements and parties such as the Cape Party, which wants the Cape to secede from the rest of the RSA, and the Afrikaner Peoples Assembly (Volksraad). The latter, in a book length memorandum, written by Paul Kruger (yes, it really is his name!), is appealing to the international community to assist in a peaceful restoration of territorial self-determination.

It was the issue of self-determination that became an issue in the last days of minority government, at the time of the 1994 election. Accordingly, a document was signed on April 23, 1994, by Roelf Meyer (Minister for Constitutional Development), ANC national chairman Thabo Mbeki (later State President, 1999–2008), and former South African Defence Force (SADF) chief General Constand Viljoen (Freedom Front).

The parties agreed to further discussion on Afrikaner self-determination and the formation of a Volkstaat.

This writer was told in Pretoria (March 1994) by a leading SADF general that Nelson Mandela (later first black president, 1994–99) had agreed to this concept. Indeed, Mandela in an earlier handwritten letter (December 21, 1993), to General Viljoen, said it “enjoys my full support”.

Some of the key points in the Memorandum of Agreement between the ANC and the Volksfront) agreed that a Volkstaat should be “addressed expeditiously, without delaying the current process of transition”.

 However, despite recommendations that the North West Cape area represented the best area, as there Afrikaans was the most dominant language among whites and non-whites, the ANC response was to disband the Volkstaatraad (March 31, 1999), thus abolishing the sole statutory body that had resulted from the earlier negotiations.

That is typical of the ANC. It has to be their way or the highway. And, indeed, historically it has shown a penchant for violence towards ordinary people perceived as enemies. Just before the 1994 elections, when Zulu supporters of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) marched on Shell House (ANC headquarters), snipers fired on them, killing 19 unarmed demonstrators. Little wonder that IFP president Mangosuthu Buthelezi warned demonstrators this year about marching on the ANC headquarters (now Luthuli House), which is guarded by a phalanx of ANC veterans from Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). The specialty of MK, the ANC military wing, was blowing up civilians, something even the ANC appointed Truth and Reconciliation Commission noted, when particularly referring to 1555 such attacks from October 1976 to May 1990.

However, the persistence of the Volksraad since 1999 to engage in democratic negotiations with the ANC, has continued. The Afrikaners have pointed to historical practices, the South African constitution and International practice to bolster their argument.

Ironically, the current government has continued the apartheid policies of previous white governments in relation to homelands. Thus, benefits for certain black ethnic groups are retained but without any reciprocal gesture towards Boer-Afrikaners being allowed a homeland.

The Volksraad Memorandum argues that the RSA is in breach of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – binding on all member states – stating, chiefly, that any person whose rights or freedoms are violated shall have an effective remedy.

The memorandum argues that the covenant applies to cultural communities within a country as well as a country’s population in a broader sense; as demonstrated by the international law in relation to unilateral declaration of independence in respect of Kosovo (International Court of Justice, Advisory Opinion, ICJ Reports 2010, p 403).

The Volksraad, since being elected in 2011, has repeatedly written to the RSA government on self-determination and has been repeatedly ignored until, in August 2014, acting State President Cyril Ramaphosa met with its representatives.

However, after conceding that territorial self-determination could be achieved through section 235 of the South African constitution, Ramaphosa reneged on a commitment to arrange for the Volksraad and the Secretary-General of the ANC to meet, and no further meetings have been held.

Moreover, the constitution also requires that it be the state president and cabinet who prepare and initiate legislation, not a party representative.

Having exhausted national remedies the Volksraad is now seeking help from the international community.

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