August 26th 2017

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CANBERRA OBSERVED Crikey, is nobody a true dinks Aussie these days?

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Hundreds of doctors call on AMA to withdraw defective statement on same-sex marriage

EUTHANASIA What disability advocates say about assisted suicide by Daniel Giles

RIGHTS Triggs' contribution to human rights and the role of international human rights bodies

ENERGY High prices 'destroying the economy': Glencore

ENERGY Renewable energy barely even a fair weather friend

ECONOMICS The world it is a-changin': globalisation in crisis

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Gay Liberals' push out of step with LGBTI realities

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS South Africa is losing its rainbow nation credentials

MUSIC A moral scale: Does 'good' music make us better?

CINEMA War for the Planet of the Apes: Best-laid plans of apes and men

BOOK REVIEW Risk nothing; gain nothing

BOOK REVIEW The most infamous crime in history

MARRIAGE The issue, Bill, is transgender marriage




SAME-SEX MARRIAGE The media, champions for free speech and rights (for the media), demonstrate predictable inability to contain bias on postal vote

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News Weekly, August 26, 2017

Edmund Rice sex ed

I was very impressed by Chris McCormack’s detailed analysis of what Edmund Rice Education Australia  (EREA) (News Weekly, July. 29. 2017.) proposes to do in regard to transgender sex education in its schools.

As a grandparent who witnessed the secular-humanistic changes in the methodology of education in schools in the late 1960s early ’70s, one can only say that the spiritual outcome leaves a lot to be desired.

During these last 50-odd years, certain types of sex-education programs that have been introduced into schools have been devoid of chastity, leading some children into lifestyles that are contrary to the teaching of our Catholic faith.

One can only hope that those who are now responsible for the education of our children cease wreaking havoc with such programs as outlined in Chris McCormack’s article.

Mel Murphy,
Lavington, NSW


Shorten is referenda mad

Bill Shorten wants four referenda: one for four-year Parliamentary terms; two on Australia becoming a republic; and one to have recognition for Aboriginals in the constitution.

Yet he does not want a plebiscite on same-sex marriage as it will cost too much! His reasoning is hard to follow.

Think like a businessman, Bill: Australians like a bargain. Change the same-sex marriage plebiscite to a referendum. Propose five referenda for the cost of one. Or, make it four referenda and add the fifth one for free.

Of the five, a referendum on same-sex marriage is the one that people are most interested in to see resolved. A referendum on it gives more value than a plebiscite and much better again than parliamentarians voting on this important social issue.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.

Citizenship solution

With regard to the foreign citizenship problem, the simple solution would be to require every candidate to make a standard renunciation of all foreign citizenship or allegiance at the time of nominating. Let the legal experts draft a suitable formula. No nomination would be deemed acceptable without it. Sitting members could also make such a declaration.

Eric Miller,
Lesmurdie, WA


Pushing the vulnerable

The Victorian “Assisted Dying with Dignity Final Report” and its impending enactment may generate a range of unintended consequences by sending confused and mixed messages to vulnerable ex-service folk within Victoria’s veteran community.

There is a contradiction in that organisations like the RSL, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Lifeline and BeyondBlue are actively working to reduce the level of suicide, while the Victorian Government proposes an assisted-suicide law.

To date, no politician (state or federal) is speaking out for vunerable ex-service men and women or warning that the proposed legalising of euthanasia is the Rubicon River that should not be crossed; if only for the sake of our ex-service community.

We need politicians with gumption to speak out against “assisted dying”. They are “missing in action”.

Antony O’Brien (ex-Army),
Romsey, Vic.

Filmic licence

Having just seen Churchill, I thank Symeon Thompson for telling us what to expect (News Weekly, July 1, 2017).

There are three important aspects of the period which seem to have been ignored in the movie. Churchill would not have acted unilaterally. He had a war cabinet but they are not mentioned.

Second, King George being a constitutional monarch could not have directed Churchill not to oppose the landing. If anything, the King would have to take the advice of his Prime Minister.

Seeing Churchill pray for rain to stop the invasion was a little overdone, but seeing it did not happen, it would have pleased the secularists in the audience. Could we induce Malcolm Turnbull to pray for rain, which is very much needed in the west?

John Barich,
Claremont, WA


A favoured cause

The Turnbull Government is planning to increase the number of women in the workforce by some 200,000 by 2025.

The plan will cost $2.5 billion and includes increasing child-care places and $430 million to be spent on increasing preschool places for four year olds.

Two points need to be made. First, why does this push to get more women into the workforce come at a time when over 400,000 traditional male jobs in manufacturing have been lost, especially in the auto industry?

Second, Australia’s birthrate is 1.7 children per woman of child-bearing age. The nation’s population increases have to be imported as a result.

Given these facts, the Government is going completely in the wrong direction. The Coalition Government under Turnbull has mirrored the leftist policies of the Labor Party and, despite assertions to the contrary, men and family life have been left out in the cold.

In 1989 Australia signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In Article 9, the convention states: “States parties shall ensure that a child shall not be separated from his or her parents.”

Now the Government funds the separation of children from their parents and plans to expand the opportunities for so doing.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale Vic.

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