September 23rd 2017

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SAME-SEX MARRIAGE For bullying, look left, look left, and then look left again

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For bullying, look left, look left, and then look left again

by Chris McCormack

News Weekly, September 23, 2017

The Australian public is being endlessly warned about the danger of bullying, distortions and vilification that may attend the postal vote on redefining marriage. Yet, has it occurred to anyone else that most – if not all – of the bullying, distortions and vilification seem to be coming from the “Yes” campaign?

The advertisement from the “No” campaign featuring three women talking, calmly but with obvious concern, about the content of the “Safe Schools” program and how legislating same-sex/transgender “marriage” would entrench these type of programs in schools, drew widespread condemnation and ridicule. Channel Ten, in its weeknightly news program The Project, ran a spoof ad ridiculing the three women, Sydney GP Dr Pansy Lai, mother Cella White and Pastor Heidi McIvor.

In the spoof, the claim that “Safe Schools” type programs had “become widespread and compulsory” overseas after redefining marriage was characterised as “bulls**t”. It was insinuated that the mother who said Frankston High School had told her son he could wear a dress if he liked was lying; and the idea that students were told to role-play being in a same-sex relationship was rubbished.

Let’s unpack the women’s claims. In the first place, it seems the effort to investigate the truth of the women’s assertions in the ad was too great for The Project geniuses, even though the website at the end of the ad was provided precisely so that anyone who might have wondered about the veracity of the claims could check them. The website details the facts that the women refer to from unimpeachable sources (that is, from the horses’ mouths). The facts the women refer to are indeed controversial; but that they are facts is simply another fact.

For example, in Britain,[1] some states of Canada,[2][3] some U.S. states[4] and Ireland,[5] since marriage was redefined, public, and in some cases all private schools, must teach radical sex-education incorporating transgenderism.

There are now calls for LGBT-inclusive sex-education in schools in New Zealand,[6] which has also redefined marriage. In Spain, which redefined marriage in 2005, “We are diversity” resources promoting “sexual diversity” are to be used in schools.[7] So, Channel Ten, and all who sail with you, may the “bulls**t” fall where it will.

Likewise, the insinuation that mother Cella White had lied that Frankston High School had told her son he could wear a dress. The school principal’s claim that Cella’s assertion was untrue has now itself been exposed as untrue.

Nor is Cella the only complainant. According to an article in the Herald Sun by Andrew Bolt, another mother told Sky News that at a Frankston High School assembly a couple of years ago, male students were told they could wear a dress; and another father of a student has backed up Cella’s claim.[8] Indeed, one of the resources of “Safe Schools” (of which Frankston High School is a member school), Minus 18, features a boy wearing a dress and says: “Everyone should be able to wear the uniform that makes them comfortable.”[9] Again, the horse’s mouth.

And the claim that student’s were asked to role-play being in a same-sex relationship, well, here’s the proof of that. The “Safe Schools” Coalition resource, All of Us, for Years 7 and 8 students, published on the Victorian Education Department website, says: “Invite students to imagine themselves in the role of a young person who is aged 16 years or older and is going out with someone they are really into … Tell students on the left-hand side of the room that their character is going out with someone of the same sex.”[10]

Despite all the claims of the three women standing up to scrutiny, Equality Campaign executive director Tiernan Brady, who orchestrated the “Yes” campaign during Ireland’s referendum on same-sex marriage, said the ad was “disgraceful in its dishonesty”.[11]

Oh, what a lovely slur. The charge of “disgraceful” must again be sheeted home to this supporter of redefining marriage.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten chimed in, too, calling the ad “total rubbish”.[12] Bill is accustomed to not letting facts get in the way of a good rant. When the fake “stop the fags” posters that no one actually saw were supposedly plastered all over Melbourne bus stops, Bill cited this as proof of his warning that a popular vote on marriage would unleash a wave of hate by saying: “We feared exactly this kind of hurtful filth would emerge.”[13]

Yet, so far, most of the distortions, vitriol, bullying and threats are coming from activists for the “Yes” campaign? Like the death threats aimed at Dr Pansy Lai after appearing in the “No” campaign ad. Or the petition on GetUp! to have her deregistered as a doctor simply for speaking about the consequences of redefining marriage. Those responsible for the petition accused her of a “violation of her oath” and of directly causing “harm to the LGBTIQ population”.

Lev Lafayette, creator of the petition, said: “Isn’t the denial of marriage equality a form of bullying?”[14] Um, no, Lev, it is not. To suggest that it is bullying, though, is; a slightly less uncivil way of telling opponents to “shut up”.

Where is Bill with his bulls**t detector when he is really needed? He was also missing in action when it came time to condemn the threats to burn down the church of Pastor Heidi McIvor, the third woman who spoke against redefining marriage in the “No” campaign ad.[15]

Then came the resounding silence as Labor politicians acting as one failed to condemn the criminal threats of forcible sodomy by Fairfax’s Good Weekend Magazine columnist, Benjamin Law. On August 30, he tweeted: “Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-[sodomise] all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system”. In a later tweet he inferred he would do so to Coalition MP Andrew Hastie.

Mr Hastie condemned the tweets in The Australian, saying: “If anyone on the ‘No’ campaign jokingly suggested using sex as a weapon against ‘Yes’ campaigners, there’d be immediate calls for their resignation and marginalisation. Instead, this guy gets a 20,000-word platform from Quarterly Essay.”[16]

Where, too, was the public condemnation of the threatening and intimidatory acts of posting white powder to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). Six items of mail recently found at Australia Post’s Canberra mail centre addressed to the ACL contained packets of white powder that subsequently proved harmless.[17]

It followed death threats, eggings and a car bomb explosion at the ACL office in December last year.

For some “Yes” campaigners anything short of complete endorsement of their view equates to breaking the Hippocratic oath. Given the well-documented adverse health outcomes for those living the gay lifestyle, surely any doctor encouraging normalisation of that lifestyle would be guilty of the hypocritic oath.

Like the Australian Medical Association (AMA), which came out in support of redefining marriage, declaring it would improve the health of LGBTs [18] (despite the fact that homosexual men who make up around 2 per cent of the population comprised 73.1 per cent of new AIDS diagnoses in Australia in 2012).[19]

Former Tasmanian AMA president Dr Chris Middleton, along with five other AMA members, wrote a 15-page report condemning the AMA statement as ignoring the “decades of research [that] have confirmed that children do best, on average, when raised by their married biological mother and father”.[20]

Meanwhile, lawyers for Free TV Australia (FTA) decided that a Father’s Day ad produced by fathers advocacy group Dads4Kids “likely contained political matter” and demanded that Dads4Kids include a political “authorisation tag” “in light of the same-sex marriage plebiscite”.[21]  There was no mention in the ad of same-sex couples or the current debate over marriage.

Dads4Kids could not recut the ad with the authorisation tag because of limited funds. It later posted an online statement, saying it had run ads for the past 15 years for free, as they were deemed community service announcements.[22]

An employee has paid a heavy price for supporting a “No” vote. Preferring to be known simply as Madeline, the 18-year-old was sacked from her job in Canberra for adding a Coalition for Marriage “It’s OK to vote No” Facebook filter to her personal profile photo.

Capital Kids Parties owner Sims Madlin fired her via a Facebook message and then proudly boasted later on Facebook: “Today I fired a staff member who made it public knowledge they feel ‘it’s okay to vote no. Advertising your desire to vote no for SSM is, in my eyes, hate speech. Voting no is homophobic. Advertising your homophobia is hate speech.”

Two days later she posted again on Facebook in an attempt to justify her actions and ended the post with: “This. Woman. Was. A. Risk.” Apparently, because Sims “could not risk her voicing those opinions to any children of ours”, despite, as Sims explained to ABC’s Hack program, “She was very subtle about [her views on same-sex marriage], but any level of it I won’t tolerate it”.[23]

There is no longer any doubt: the tolerance demanded of others by same-sex/transgender “marriage” advocates is not required of them.

Assault on Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was “allegedly” assaulted in Hobart by a man wearing a “Vote Yes” badge. The man approached Mr Abbott as he walked towards his hotel and asked to shake his hand. He then head-butted Mr Abbott before running off swearing, saying that Mr Abbott deserved to be hit. Mr Abbott was left with a swollen lip.[24]


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