November 4th 2017

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COVER STORY National Energy Guarantee: lots of smoke, but no coal-fired power

EDITORIAL Popular revolt against the ideology of globalism

CANBERRA OBSERVED Paris still rules in the party room

ENERGY Renewables and gas conspire to push up prices

ENVIRONMENT Climate change did not cause California fires

ELECTRICITY Consumers will wake up only when there are blackouts: economists

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NATIONAL AFFAIRS Abbott gets brickbats for exposing house of straw

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Australia is far from fulfilling its potential

TECHNOLOGY Aussie scientists 'write' with adult stem cells

75TH ANNIVERSARY NCC: new challenges, kind of new adversaries

MUSIC All around the beat: the essential drummer

CINEMA Happy Death Day: Deja vu with a sharp edge

BOOK REVIEW Traditions under threat fight back

BOOK REVIEW Journey to freedom


ENERGY Coal-fired power needed to restore economic growth

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Journey to freedom

News Weekly, November 4, 2017

STOP: This Is Not the Way

by Mathew Sullivan

Divine Mercy Publications, Camberwell,
Paperback: 76 pages, Price: AUD$12.50

Reviewed by Fr Peter Ferwerda


This book contains an account of Mathew’s journey to freedom.

We are given a graphic insight into his emotional hurt and a longing to be loved, and his attempt to find peace through drugs. Fortunately God sent people into Mathew’s life who were able to give him a certain degree of support and relief, but his painful journey continued until he experienced the Grace of God and the loving presence of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Mathew’s openness to receiving Divine help as well as human help empowered him to forgive those people through whom he had experienced pain and rejection, and he was able to give thanks to God and to Mary as he gained more insight into his own feelings and personality.

As he moves through his story he recognises the importance of God’s word in Scripture and gives frequent quotes which have helped towards conversion, and have shown him how intimately God loves each one of us no matter who we are or what mistakes we’ve made in our lives.

Mathew gives a refreshingly honest and sincere story of his journey through a painful cross of suffering to a new life of freedom in Jesus Christ.

Though, by the Grace of God, I have never experienced the suffering of addiction, I found Mathew’s book inspiring and helpful to my own journey in life, and I believe that others who read this book will also come to a greater knowledge of a loving God Who wants to form an intimate relationship with each one of us, no matter what image we may have of ourselves.

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