November 18th 2017

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ECONOMICS China intends to party like it's 1949 ... again

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U.S. HISTORY Why Americans stick to their guns

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CINEMA Loving Vincent: A mystery in oils

BOOK REVIEW Just what is the conservative idea?


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News Weekly, November 18, 2017


Free-trade development loophole

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump’s abilities as a statesman, it must be handed to him that he was the first to recognise publicly that free trade cannot work between countries at very different stages of development, where wage rates in one are protected at much higher levels than in the other. A country with minimum pay rates of $20 an hour, no matter how efficient its workforce, simply cannot produce goods as cheaply as one that pays $2 an hour.

The consequent movement of manufacturing jobs from Western to Eastern economies has stripped Western working (blue-collar) populations of their jobs and of their economic significance, to the benefit of administrative and financial (white-collar) classes, who can organise it all from afar. The latter group points to the benefits of imported low-cost goods, which admittedly both lower-income employed and the welfare-dependent unemployed also enjoy, and on which we can blame the rampant, wasteful consumerism that has engulfed the West, with its comparatively high incomes at all socio-economic levels, in recent decades.

The recent political outcomes in the United States and the UK have shown that people care not just about what the money in their pockets can buy and the fripperies of consumer excess, but more important are the self-respect that comes from a job and a valued contribution to society, and the job stability that makes their own economic life planning possible. Bob Hawke’s lavish throwing of welfare money in compensation for the sacrifice of job security produced an underclass in less than a decade.

Trump saw this and cancelled the Pacific free trade partnership deal within days of taking office, to the benefit of Australian as well as U.S. workers. But the progressive elites, of both left and right, have cared nothing for the destruction of morale in large sections of the population, so long as they continue to flourish at the top.

British intellectuals continue to rail at the idiocy of the people in voting “against their own interests”, unable to see that the people have chosen the more admirable path.

Lucy Sullivan,
Celbridge, Ireland


Irish regret

People in Ireland might not be looking back, but they are looking over their shoulder, waiting for the next piece of legislation that will end any semblance of religious freedom left after the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

One might get the impression, from the load of garbage on page 23 of The Age Extra, (Sunday, September 17) that the Irish couldn’t be happier since 2015. Rubbish!

On top of the exemption-repealing act (for religious, educational or medical institutions to maintain the religious ethos of the organisation), comes the Gender Recognition Act, which allows people legally to change their gender by altering their passport without medical intervention, followed by the Gay Adoption Act, which allows homosexual couples to adopt children.

Now if you thought all that wasn’t bad enough, there is the well-documented story of Ashers bakery in Belfast, which refused to bake a gay wedding cake. This acted as a chilling effect to anyone who dared to exercise their conscientious objection to same-sex weddings.

For imagination and creativity, not to mention propaganda in support of Australia’s “Yes” vote, this article has to take the cake.

Helen Leach,
Bendigo, Vic.


Co-opting marriage

Could someone please explain to my why it is that heterosexual couples are quite happy to “partner” each other, even have children and don’t worry about getting married, and yet homosexual couples are really upset that they are not married.

Can it be that being married, in their minds, gives them a degree of respectability in the eyes of others, a respectability they don’t have by “shacking up” with each other and yet they have civil rights as cohabiting couples?

If this is so, then surely the feeling interiorly that what they’re doing is not acceptable to others, maybe they themselves feel what they’re doing is not right for them. I have a feeling that trying to change society’s attitudes to sexual mores is never going to be successful with 100 per cent of the population, especially devout Christians and followers of other religions.

In fact, religion aside, these persons and many of us are totally oblivious and in complete denial of the wonder of bodily function which without any external direction in almost 100 per cent of instances functions faithfully in obedience to a law of nature. Any interference with this “innate intelligence” surely is an affront to Truth and perpetrators of bodily abuse are guilty of bing blind to this fact of bodily function, of the faithful functioning of the body’s physiology and biochemistry.

Michael Allam,
Jamison Centre, ACT


Where are the children?

First of all, I am not against the gays and lesbians. I respect their personal choices. But same-sex marriage definitely will create confusion in our children, now and in many future generations.

Saying “yes” to same-sex marriage will impact on freedom of speech. Saying “yes” to same-sex marriage will create problems in sex education at schools.

Parents can expect interference when it comes to moral values, parenting, and education, and not just in school. The government could have access to your home to supervise you as a parent, to judge your suitability. If it doesn’t like what you are teaching your children, it could attempt to remove them from your home.

The next step will be that same-sex couples will ask for children adoption and IVF. We hope that we, the taxpayers, won’t have to pay for this.

So, please find out more about the problems that the countries accepting same-sex marriage are facing especially if you have grown up in the care of Mum and Dad.

Dr C.T. Bui OAM,
Caridale, Qld.


Marx back in vogue

Marxist ideology and methods have been at the forefront of the worldwide push to change the marriage acts and definitions.

For instance, leading LGBT activist Masha Gessen told a Sydney Writer’s Festival back in 2012 that “fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do when we get there, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change. And that is a lie, and it should change. And again I don’t think it should exist.”

A good account of this lying and the consequences of accepting the “Yes” case arguments in good faith, is shown in an article that can be found online by keying in “Wentworth Report What has changed in Britain since same sex marriage”.

Robert Bom,
West Rockhampton, Qld.


Royal commission needed on climate claims

The Prime Minister’s revamped energy policy while it is a step in the right direction, is still fatally flawed.

The big flaw is the commitment to the Paris accord. The question must be asked why? The Australian people did not give their consent to the signing of the Paris Accord. Any Australian government’s first commitment should be to its own people and the national interest.

Malcolm Turnbull should put the national interest first and follow U.S. President Donald Trump and ditch the Paris Accord.

There is no gain to the nation by going ahead with any emissions reduction target. It will place a severe stain on the economy and will perpetuate expensive green power – and widespread power outages.

And the real kicker is that Australia’s Paris commitment will make no different to the climate – period.

When are governments going to understand the word “despatchable”? You can’t run a modern economy on renewable energy. The simple fact is that you need base-load power, and for Australia that means coal and gas. There are no plans by any government to take over existing fossil-fuel power stations or to build new ones. Until this is done, we had better get used to rolling blackouts. Why are we continuing in this folly to undermine our own economy?

Trying to have your cake and eat it too isn’t going to work. Coal-fired power has given us 60 years of stable, efficient and reliable power. We have mountains of coal and gas yet we want to turn our backs on coal and tilt at windmills.

A royal commission should be immediately called to test the veracity of claims that mankind’s emissions are negatively impacting the climate.

Alan Barron,
Grovedale, Vic.


Marriage redefinition: inconvenient truths

As Kevin Forrest (News Weekly, November 4, 17) concluded “There has been one big casualty in this debate, and that is truth”. Sadly, we trash truth by ignoring evidence that children generally do better when brought up by their own biological mum and dad.

Opponents argue that gay lifestyles have few downsides apart from discrimination, lack of rights and hate-filled homophobia that must be silenced. In response we preach to the converted, pleading for freedom of religion; but few others care.

We argue freedom of speech, but we surrender that freedom by avoiding the inconvenient truth that gay lifestyles are strongly associated with worse mental and physical outcomes for consenting adults and any hapless children involved. And we ignore the evidence that the problems result more from LGBTQI lifestyles than from discrimination or rights issues.

Win or lose this battle, we must stand on truth, in love. We seem fearful of the “homophobe” label. Yet it is hate, not love, to avoid the truth and stay silent; not attempting to save adults and children trapped in a harmful lifestyle.

We need to argue key points.

Freedom of speech is key. Surrender that and we lose democracy and freedom of religion. Without freedom of speech we will all suffer under gender-fluid “Safe Schools” ideology enforced by the draconian “guilty until proven innocent” aspects of anti-discrimination laws.

With freedom of speech, we can lovingly encourage people to face the key truth that just as the evidence is that smoking damages the health of adults and children involved, so too same-sex relationships. While exposing such evidence may offend the offending parents who love children in their care, we sin, rather than love, if we hide the truth from the consenting adults and hapless children involved.

Peter Newland,
Mitcham, Vic.


Birmingham at bottom of class on Q&A

Little wonder that the leftist media personalities in the ABC are courting the Liberal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham.

I and my family learned from him after watching the ABC’s Q&A program (Monday, November 6) that we are “second Australians” (aside from the fact that the Minister supports same-sex marriage). Our family is now required to include homosexual marriages for  the sake of “equality”.

Mr Birmingham also agrees  with the notion of Aborigines being included in the Australian Constitution (which is a highly, socially divisive initiative).

Mr Birmingham was on a panel with four senior school students, obviously hand-picked for their progressive views, as much as their articulateness. And an audience of students.

After the subjectively orchestrated sway by presenter Tony Jones, we decided our support for the Coalition was now gone, notwithstanding the awful alternatives.

The ideological brain-washing of the ABC has indicated to many of us that our  billion-dollar corporation is a plaything of the left,  and should be privatised.

Jim Warrington,
Tweed Heads, NSW

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