February 10th 2018

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To the memory of a multimedia Chestertonian: Tony Evans

by Karl Schmude

News Weekly, February 10, 2018

This tribute has been written by Karl Schmude and draws gratefully on details provided by the Evans family. Karl is the current president of the Australian Chesterton Society.

Tony Evans combined a long career of accomplishments as an ABC radio and television writer, reporter, presenter and producer with freelance writing and a range of cultural pursuits.

Tony Evans speaking at the 2013 conference
of the Australian Chesterton Society
at Camption College in Sydney.

Of special importance for the Chesterton movement was his initiative in establishing our Australian Society, first in Western Australia in 1993, and then extending it into a national body in 2000.

As founder and inaugural president, Tony revealed his deep appreciation of cultural need, and of the role of a Chesterton society in providing for that need. He also brought to the position his personal qualities of calm perseverance, organisational resourcefulness, ready wit, and abiding courtesy and modesty.

Yet Tony had many other strings to his imaginative bow. Early in his career in England, Tony became general secretary of the Catholic Film Institute of London, which gave him the opportunity to venture into the world of intellectual entertainment – and Tony’s heart was always in films and stories.

It was while he was at the Institute that he met a West Australian girl, Claire Kelly, and they married in 1960. The following year they moved to Claire’s hometown of Perth, where Tony began work with the ABC as a radio announcer, soon progressing to a position in television current affairs.

Tony was quick to respond to the changed approach to news reporting taking place in the early 1960s – the move towards in-depth analysis of news and current affairs, in contrast to the more formal presentation of traditional news broadcasting.

Starting with the weekly Four Corners program, this change extended to This Day Tonight, and Tony was an early presenter of the West Australian version of that program, called Today Tonight.

In 1970 Tony was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to broaden his experience in TV broadcasting and he spent some months in London working at the BBC. On returning to Perth, he made several TV documentaries, after which he returned to ABC Radio, producing a range of shows that included radio plays and morning book readings.

Tony wrote several historical biographies, including his first work, The Conscious Stone (1984), on the priest-architect John Cyril Hawes, which won the West Australian Premier’s Literary Award in 1985, and his last work, William Wardell: Building with Conviction (2010), which traced the life of Australia’s greatest church architect, engineer and man of faith.

His articles and reviews were much valued by the editors of various cultural journals, notably Fr Paul Stenhouse, editor of Annals Australasia, as well as Fr Ian Boyd, editor of the international journal, The Chesterton Review.

In 2002, Fr Boyd published Tony’s article, “Chesterton on Air: The Writer and Broadcaster”, based on a paper he delivered to the 2001 Australian Chesterton Conference. As recently as in the Spring 2017 issue of The Defendant, a shortened form of this article appeared. It showed Tony’s unrivalled understanding of radio, and shed crucial light on Chesterton’s underrated achievements as a broadcaster.

Tony Evans (1931–2018)
Requiescat in pace

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