February 10th 2018

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FREEDOM OF RELIGION 'Equality' and equally disingenuous terms

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CINEMA The Commuter: And my criteria for reviewing films

BOOK REVIEW Essays take 'settled science' to task

BOOK REVIEW A pathway through a tangle of nonsense

BOOK REVIEW Quarterly Essay


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Quarterly Essay

News Weekly, February 10, 2018

WITHOUT AMERICA: Australia in the New Asia

by Hugh White

Quarterly Essay No. 68, Paperback: 128 pages
Price: AUD$22.99

Reviewed by John Barich

This is a peculiar book in that the author, Hugh White, seems not to be aware of the QUAD – India, the United States, Japan and Australia – which means he does not see our region as Indo-Pacific. This is bad news for West Australians, in particular. Even Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is promoting such an alignment and there is now talk of Japanese army exercises in Darwin.

White makes no mention of the 250,000,000 Indonesians who have an aversion to Chinese domination and see its incursions into the South China Sea as threatening. He does not mention U.S. President Donald Trump’s keynote address in Warsaw, Poland, on Western civilisation, which resonated even with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has enhanced his relationship with the Orthodox Church. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott too is on the same page with his London talk on the West and with the Foundation for Western Civilisation that he leads.

B.A. Santamaria in Price of Freedom (published in 1964) warned about Chinese intentions in South-East Asia. He set up the Pacific Institute to try to forestall Chinese hegemony. Central to this was the American Alliance. He quoted ANU Professor C.P. Fitzgerald:

“It would seem likely that the Pacific region is now considered by the Chinese as a part in which they are acutely interested and where they have a full right of consultation. This means Japan, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Probably they would not be indifferent to anything in the Indian Ocean as far as the coast of Africa.

“If the countries concerned were brought into the general alignment of Chinese policy, instead of that of the United States, it would represent a vast shifting of power in the world.”

A year earlier (1963), Santamaria had already warned that China would do all it could, short of war, to bring down Asian governments closely aligned to the United States, militarily and economically.

White seems quite complacent that China seems to be pursuing this policy.

Moreover, he does not seem to think the U.S. nuclear umbrella is of any use to Australia, nor America’s sharing of vital intelligence with us. He seems to be unaware of the simmering dissensions within China probably due to his dependence on Chinese fake news and media censorship.

Just to take one, though egregious, example. There are 60 million Falun Gong practitioners in China. The regime considers them to be enemies of the state and is persecuting them mercilessly. See the article by Peter Westmore, “Harvested Alive: Killing Falun Gong in China” (News Weekly, September 23, 2017), on a recent documentary that records the inhuman treatment these people suffer.

White also fails to see the significance of 60 million Christians who are not comfortable with an atheist regime.

On page 48 White says: “Certainly the leaders in Beijing are not fooled, but nor are they displeased. They don’t expect us to support them against the United States. They just want us not to support the U.S. against them – to turn us into a neutral. That is a big win for them, because we are America’s oldest and closest ally in Asia.”

Then he goes on to quote Malcolm Turnbull’s speech at a big defence conference in Singapore in June 2017 and similar sentiments expressed in a Four Corners program in June 2017; both of which stand in contradiction to White’s assessment.

His conclusion is chilling: “So, we need to live in Asia without America.”

John Barich has been a student of Chinese affairs all his adult life. He has visited China during his secondment from Prime Minister’s Department to SEATO in Bangkok. There he monitored China and visited Vietnam and the Philippines.

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