April 21st 2018

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COVER STORY The deeper causes of Australia's social malaise

GENDER POLITICS Queensland proposes transgender birth certificates

CANBERRA OBSERVED Malcolm at 30 (polls): the cloud on Turnbull's horizon

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cardinal Pell firmly denies sex abuse allegations

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Sydney Archdiocese aims to eliminate slavery in supply chain

RURAL DEVELOPMENT Irrigation along Fitzroy River proposed and opposed

LIFE ISSUES Abortion Rethink Summit: the case for care

VERBATIM WA food, drink producers face shortage of carbon dioxide

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY Land costs: economist Henry George's solution

ELECTRICITY Will Turnbull lose three out of three?

ECONOMICS Trade wars: tariffs unlikely to be fired in anger

SEX AND TEENS How about support for the abstaining majority?

VISUAL ARTS Layers of meaning in Botticelli's La Primavera and The Birth of Venus

MUSIC Is it good?: Or, do we just like the sound it makes?

CINEMA The Death of Stalin: Black comedy of a dark time

BOOK REVIEW Cool head on topic that generates heat

BOOK REVIEW Life's not so bad: from the outside



OPINION What a republic would really mean for Australia

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WA food, drink producers face shortage of carbon dioxide

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, April 21, 2018

The above recent headline in The West Australian newspaper caught the eye of a News Weekly operative in that state. Sad to tell, they story beneath did not bear out the promise of the headline. It was not an opportunity for the state government there to claim Brownie points for mitigating the effects of anthropogenic climatic disruption. No, it was much worse news: flat beer all ‘round, from the Kimberley to Bunbury.

The article ran:

“The WA food processing and beverage industries face higher costs and possibly some disruption in coming months because of a state shortage of carbon dioxide gas.

“WA is short of the gas because CSBP, which produces carbon dioxide as a by-product when making fertiliser, has had an unplanned outage at its Kwinana ammonia plant since February 28.

“Carbon dioxide has a wide range of uses, including in medical procedures, fire extinguishers and desalination plants.

“Craft breweries such as Gage Roads buy the gas for carbonation and for other functions, such as purging process tanks.

“Meat processors and packers use the gas for the rapid chilling of bulk meat, and in modified atmosphere packaging (meat on a tray wrapped in film, typically sold in supermarkets).”

Extract from Jenne Brammer in The West Australian, March 10, 2018.

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