June 16th 2018

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Sydney: a new chapter in a continuing story

by Asha Towers

News Weekly, June 16, 2018

NCC Sydney held a splendid launch event on April 26 and has hit the ground running.

The launch was attended by over 100 people, including Cardinal George Pell, Peter Westmore, Patrick J. Byrne, Damien Tudehope MP and Professor Michael Quinlan, who gave the keynote address, entitled “Law and religion: cooperation or conflict?” (Go here to read his address.)

A healthy mix of young and old from various backgrounds gathered to show their support for the initiative. “I was moved to see the unity in the room. Australia so desperately needs this work,” said Catherine Dodd from Western Sydney.

Generation Incoming: From left to right, Pearce Lyall, Clara Fernandez,

Asha Towers, Natalie Bechara, David Sofatzis and John Day.

Building on longstanding relationships, NCC Sydney is busy strengthening its strategic alliances in order to exert its influence on the political process that concerns every Australian.

Continuing the legacy of Bob Santamaria, this youth-led office is employing its wits and research capabilities to uncover and communicate the issues – whether social, political or economic – that are the real concerns of Australians. Thus the work of NCC Sydney seeks to expand the organisation’s media engagement, and to act as an adjunct to its established journal, News Weekly, in identifying and communicating issues.

NCC Sydney offers young people practical training for future employment as a natural follow-on from the annual YPAT (Young Political Activist Training) program. Sydney is a big city; university students are in want of work experience that can teach them job skills in an environment encouraging free speech and independent thought.

President of the NCC in NSW Asha Towers,
with NCC national president Patrick J. Byrne

The office has already attracted a number of talented and inspired individuals. Law student Clara Fernandez says: “I really enjoy working with Asha and the team, especially the opportunity to do evidence-based research and discussions with intelligent, open-minded people I now call friends.”

Accountant Victor Esber says: “I feel invigorated working closely with young people and motivated to work to the best of my ability.”

Still a grassroots movement, NCC Sydney plans to gather old and young from community organisations, the professions and academia to form camaraderie and freedom to express diverse ideas and opinions, a freedom that is much needed in today’s society.

“Organisations such as the NCC are more relevant now than ever before,” said Damien Tudehope MP.

NSW president Asha Towers said: “Keeping NCC sustainable in New South Wales long into the future and reaching youth is our primary focus. We are losing religious freedoms, but we are also losing the ability to reason, which is often missing from public debate.”

To support the Sydney Office, which serves NSW and the ACT, call (02) 9198 4900 or email nsw@ncc.org.au The office is at 245 Broadway, Glebe, NSW.

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SPECIAL EDITORIAL Has Cardinal George Pell been wrongly convicted?

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