June 16th 2018

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3300 crosses in Perth poignant reminders of abortions

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, June 16, 2018

Over one thousand pro-life campaigners laid out 3300 crosses at the annual Rally for Life in Perth on May 26, each cross representing 50 of the abortions that have occurred in Western Australia since abortion was legalised 20 years ago.

That equates to 165,000 aborted children in WA since May 26, 1998.

Attendees Isabelle Lindsey and Lucy Crees, both 20, are the emerging young face of the pro-life movement the world over. More than a third of rally attendees were below the age of 30. Both belong to pro-life student group LifeChoice and were at the rally to support women who find themselves struggling with the “nightmare” of unplanned pregnancy.

“I was lucky enough to be chosen by my mother, but how many more are like me that didn’t get the chance at life because of that legislation?” Ms Crees said.

Ms Lindsey, who addressed the rally, said she used to be pro-abortion and said that many believe it is about female empowerment and equality.

“But according to the United Nations population fund, which is in favour of abortion, 117 million girls are missing because of sex-selected abortions, and that’s just in Asia and Eastern Europe.”

“If we’re for gender equality, then that should not be happening.”

Rally organiser Johanna Banks said abortion didn’t give women a chance to change their lives for the better.

“It entrenches a misogynist view that children are a burden and barrier to success, rather than valuing the uniquely female role of motherhood as the most important job in society, and an immense privilege,” she said.

West Australian MP Nick Goiran wants a parliamentary inquiry into the deaths of 27 babies born alive after attempted abortions since 1999.

Last year he tabled in Parliament a petition signed by 7243 people calling for an inquiry into the deaths.

“I can think of no other situation in our state where a child left to die would not provoke an outcry,” he wrote in a letter to pro-life campaigners.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook was reported in February as saying: “I remain prepared to consider the introduction of safe access zones.” “Safe access zones” prevent pro-lifers approaching nearer than 100 or 150 metres to an abortion clinic, where they typically pray in silence for expectant mothers entering the clinic and their children.

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