June 16th 2018

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Bendigo initiative

by NW Contributor

News Weekly, June 16, 2018

Due in great part to the industry and enthusiasm of Brian Coman, a long-time contributor to News Weekly on philosophical and social matters, the Bendigo Philosophical Society has been revived.

Established in 1897 by one William Gay, it operated until some time before World War I and then lapsed into disuse.

The revived Society has established its own website, with the thankfully memorable URL of bendigophilosophicalsociety.com where essays and reflections on a wide range of topics can be found.

As the Welcome page to the website states, “the original Society, although bearing the title of ‘Philosophical’ was, in fact, quite wide ranging in its interests, encompassing arts, literature, poetry, history and religion as well as straight philosophy”.

“Today,” the Welcome continues, “we intend to retain this broad approach and include in our area of interest all Traditions, not just the Western traditions.”

While some of the essays on the site may fall beyond the immediate range of interest of the readers of News Weekly, there is much that will reward with enlightenment and entertainment anyone who shares the Society’s concern to bear up and hand on the Western tradition.

As G.K. Chesterton was able to find in the simplest things – a piece of chalk, a walking stick, the green grass – matter for reflection of the deepest kind, so does John Ciaran Casey discover in the modern scourge of graffiti matter for reflection on the modern spiritual malaise (“The language of despair”). In “Metaphysics and the realm of faerie”, Brian Coman brings to the modern fascination with the “spiritual” a consideration of the almost instinctive need humans have for the category of spiritual beings.

The essay entitled, “William Blake and gender studies”, takes the reader on a tour of the co-option of the great mystical poet by California hippies, Freudians and Jungians and, especially, the gender studies crowd.

The site is but in its infancy, but I am reliably informed that it will grow steadily to maturity with time.

Please, check it out.


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SPECIAL EDITORIAL Has Cardinal George Pell been wrongly convicted?

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