August 25th 2018

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Just asking ... sauce for the goose ...?

by Colin H. Jory

News Weekly, August 25, 2018

Will there now be a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Government School Staff Sexual Abuse of Students?

But first, this ...

Will Francis Sullivan be employed to “represent” the NSW government school headmasters and administrators, so he can weep and bleat to the media that all NSW government school authorities must share responsibility for the abuses, and should automatically shower money on accusers without even a semblance of a critical examination of the accusations?

How many of the students and teachers who knew of the government school abuses in the 1970s but did not report them to the police at the time – that is, 40 years ago – will now be prosecuted for non-disclosure, the way Archbishop Philip Wilson has been? What criteria will be used to determine who will be prosecuted for non-disclosure?

How many headmasters will be arrested, put through farcical committal hearings with pre-programmed “case to answer” findings, then put through the ordeal of a jury trial on the uncorroborated and non-credible testimony of one student or two that the headmasters concerned sexually molested them under water – even though they, the accusing students, had made the allegations to nobody until the reports this year of sexual abuse by Crome High School staff supposedly revived their memories?

How many ABC programs, Melbourne University Press books, and Fairfax Media segments will now be dedicated to smearing the entire NSW government school system, and to vilifying not the provably guilty, but prominent headmasters and administrators against whom uncorroborated and non-credible accusations of involvement in sexual abuse have been made?

I await the answers with bated breath.

Incidentally, I taught in NSW and ACT government high schools from 1969 through the 1970s, except for a year’s break when I did my History Masters. In general, I found that government schools were outstandingly wholesome with regard to sexual talk or behaviour among staff regarding students, and also among staff regarding one another.

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