September 22nd 2018

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Unmask activists disguised as nature lovers

by Peter Kelleher

News Weekly, September 22, 2018

On September 6, The Australian ran a brief “exclusive” article in which it reported that senior Coalition Government figures, unnamed, were pushing for activist environmental “charities” such as Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Foundation to lose their tax-deductibility status.

The article if anything understates the extent of the problem, and appears to have no appreciation of how long the problem has been growing nor of any of the work done by the National Civic Council over the past six years in relation to it.

In 2012, Patrick J. Byrne (News Weekly, March 31, 2012) compiled an extensive report on environmental groups claiming tax-deductibility status that were evidently going beyond their briefs as popular groups whose task is to encourage community awareness and participation to remediate environmental harms – good aims in themselves – and were acting as political activist organisations.

In particular, a coalition of environmental groups had Australia’s coal exports in its sights, as well as obstructing the development of the Adani coalmine – six years later we can measure their success in the fact that the mine is still a political football rather than a productive element of our economy, producing jobs, export income and taxes.

The article in The Australian makes no reference to a report handed down in April 2016 by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment that recommended that any environmental group with tax-deductibility status must spend 25 per cent of its funds actually helping the environment (planting trees, for instance).

The Australian article does say, however, that Greenpeace lost its charity status in New Zealand earlier this year; in itself a move that should make lawmakers here stand up and take notice.

For interested readers, News Weekly carried follow-up reports to Byrne’s 2012 piece. In 2016 (November 5), Byrne wrote an exposé on the international cash that was and is flowing into Australia’s environmental groups’ coffers; and in the News Weekly of March 11, 2017, Chris McCormack filed a report exposing the blatant political activism of many of these “environmental” groups.

McCormack reported then: “The Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp and a host of other organisations have planned a campaign blitz targeting 13 marginal Federal Coalition seats and at least three Queensland state seats. … The campaign will employ advertising, social media and cold calling as a means to influence voters in the hope of ejecting Members of Parliament favourable to mining.”

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