March 23rd 2019

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Covington boys: left hoist on its bigots' petard

by Tony O'Brien

News Weekly, March 23, 2019

On January 19, 2019, the annual pro-life rally, the March for Life, took place in Washington, DC. Though in excess of 100,000 people attended the march, the American mainstream media ignored it; as it does every year.

An emoji artist’s impression of the moment the face crime was committed.

(NB: No emojis were distressed in the creation of this image.)

Participating in the rally this year was a group of boys from a Catholic high school in Covington, Kentucky. As the event wound up, the boys started assembling at the Lincoln Memorial, awaiting bus transportation back home.

Also at the gathering place were two groups of demonstrators unconnected to the pro-life event: a small vocal clan of “street preachers”, who call themselves “Black Hebrew Israelites”, and who yelled racial obscenities and abuse at the white school boys; and a Native American group of activists who had been attending a Native Peoples’ March.

As the boys watched the proceedings, some Native Americans approached them and the apparent leader, Nathan Phillips, while banging a small drum, walked into the knot of boys and stood face to face in front of 16-year-old Nick Sandmann. As Phillips continued banging on his ceremonial drum and chanting, Sandmann looked confused, smiled and stood still. That was it.

Then someone posted a small video segment of Sandmann standing his ground and smiling as Phillips confronted him. And the leftie media, twitter and celebrity world erupted into condemnation of Sandmann, his family and the Covington school.

The media’s usual suspects – CNN, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the “twitter-sphere” – played up the faux outrage. This included that some of the Covington kids wore red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats (surely they knew these hats are modern-day KKK white hoods); they were at a pro-life march (how dare they disagree with Roe v Wade!); they were conservative Catholics (oh! the shame of it); and Sandmann should be “punched in the face” because, by smiling, he committed an Orwellian “face crime” against Phillips; by standing still, Sandmann disrespected an elder, and the school should be set on fire.

The media canonised Phillips as a hapless victim, a respected elder and a Vietnam vet. He was frightened by the kids, he said, he tried to retreat, he was surrounded, he was a hero, the kids were chanting and mocking him: “build the wall”. Worst of all – you guessed it – it was all Donald Trump’s fault.

Even “our” Australian ABC TV’s News Breakfast program on January 21 joined the shock, horror virtue-signalling charade. Presenter Michael Rowland said: “It was pure hate”; “You know where I’d build a wall? Right around that college. Stop those kids getting out into the public.”

Then a much longer video of the Phillips/Sandmann encounter surfaced on the internet, putting the event into its context. It showed the boys were not confrontational, or about to attack anyone. Sure, they were rowdy and chanting their school spirit [war] cry, but they were in good humour.

The Black Hebrew Israelites were provocative and racially abusive to the kids. Nathan Phillips and Co were the instigators of the “confrontation” with the schoolies, but the kids never surrounded, abused or harassed Phillips.

Phillips, it turns out, is a 64-year-old “professional activist”, never served in Vietnam, and is known for assorted escapades. When Sandmann appeared elsewhere on TV, he was condemned for wearing “muted [grey] toned” clothing and speaking in a soft voice.

The local Bishop of the Diocese of Covington, Roger Foys, condemned the boys, as did other leftist priests, without seeking any verification of the facts. Within a week, the Bishop had issued an apology to the Sandmann family and to the kids at Covington school for his hasty and unfounded criticisms.

Amid all the Church condemnations, a Catholic priest, Fr Jonathan Meyer of All Saints, Guilford, Indiana, spoke out in a powerful sermon in support of Nick Sandmann and the war against Christians. His sermon is on Youtube.

As a consequence, the pro-life march, deliberately ignored by the media, suddenly received huge international coverage and now Sandmann’s legal team is filing actions in excess of $US250 million ($A350.5 million) against The Washington Post. Talk about irony.

So, what is the lesson of the Covington experience? The left, be it in the U.S. or here, will attack, mock and persecute any­one opposing their sacred cows – abortion, euthanasia, Trump hatred – and anyone who stands for and lives by conservative or Christian principles.

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