April 20th 2019

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ALP abortion policy blithely tramples all our consciences

by Chris McCormack

News Weekly, April 20, 2019


  • After the Victorian ALP legalised abortion till birth in 2008, late-term abortions increased by 600 per cent at the Melbourne Royal Women’s Hospital
  • The ALP treats the killing of a baby in the womb as of no more significance than getting a hip replacement

The Federal ALP’s announcement in March that it will tie public hospital funding to the provision of abortion will endanger the freedom of health practitioners to decline to assist in abortions and ultimately raise the number of pre-born babies being killed annually in Australia.

Before the Victorian ALP government legalised abortion till birth in 2008, opponents of the legislation warned that late-term abortions would increase, which was later borne out by a 600 per cent increase in late-term abortions at the Melbourne Royal Women’s Hospital.

Part of the federal ALP abortion policy is to interfere in the states’ jurisdiction over abortion by pushing for NSW to decriminalise abortion along with any other states where it remains on the statute books. We can expect the ALP to push for legal abortion up to the day of birth in all states, resulting in more late-term abortions.

The ALP’s National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy “will expect [abortions] to be provided consistently [and for free] in public hospitals”, provide free long-acting contraceptive implants and the contraceptive pill for women, make abortion drug RU486 more affordable and more widely available, establish an abortion “hub” in Tasmania, create a national phone referral service for abortions, and fund the Australian Women’s Health Network, which is an abortion advocacy group. I wonder, how does providing free, three-year implants of potentially carcinogenic implants advance women’s health?

About one-third of unplanned pregnancies in Australia end in abortion, so the ALP’s argument, that women need greater access to abortion, is bogus.

ALP Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek’s nonsensical justification went like this: “Forcing a woman to travel long distances or interstate to access surgical services can dramatically increase the emotional and financial burden … We wouldn’t accept someone having to travel that far for a hip replacement or a broken bone. Women deserve better.”

Plibersek has an amoral view of abortion. As though the killing of a baby in her mother’s womb is just like having a broken bone mended. Plibersek alludes to the emotional burden of abortion. Having a broken bone mended is a pain; it is entirely different from the psychological and physical trauma experienced (sometimes not manifest until years later) when a mother allows her baby to be killed.

To see no difference shows a complete lack of understanding of what abortion is and an absence of empathy for women coming to terms with the grief and reg­ret of abortion. Television personality Charlotte Dawson, who tragically committed suicide in 2014, said her abortion was the catalyst for her depression.

Symbolic of the pressure exerted upon ALP members to comply with and parrot the party line is evidenced by the about-face of Tasmanian Senator Helen Polley, who voted against making the abortion drug RU486 legal in 2006, when she argued: “RU486 is not a simple drug like paracetamol. This drug will expel human life, and its consequences on the health of women are varied …”

But, last month, she supported abortion-on-demand saying: “This is not about the Catholic Helen Polley. It’s about Helen Polley who is a senator and a mother and a grandmother. And it’s about women’s health.”

Claiming that abortion complements women’s health is so far from the truth that it’s incredible it remains unchallenged. But the mass media favours abortion, so the adverse impacts are never discussed.

Some of the serious physical health risks include: heavy or persistent bleeding, infection or sepsis, damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, perforation of the uterus, damage to other organs, possible infertility, needing a hysterectomy, and death. Some psychological effects include: anger, acute feeling of grief, sexual dysfunction, termination of relationships, emotional coldness, increased alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and suicide. Yet, when asked about the “inconvenience” of Tasmanians travelling to Victoria for abortions, Ms Polley responded: “I think that’s just cruel and unnecessary.”

What is cruel and unnecessary is women being coerced into abortions and lied to about it being the panacea for unplanned pregnancies, leading to a lifetime spent dealing with the physical and psychological consequences of having their pre-born baby killed. And the fact that a baby is killed, experiencing an horrifically barbaric and painful death by being chopped to pieces without anaesthetic (the baby feels pain from eight weeks gestation).

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has become so politicised it now resembles the medical arm of GetUp. President Dr Tony Bartone has said doctors “must never use a conscientious objection to intentionally impede patients’ access to care”. Victoria’s AMA general practice chairwoman Ines Rio, showing that patient health is no longer a primary concern, said access to “safe abortion” was a “fundamental element of health care”.

Even Catholic health providers are falling in line. A spokesman for St Vincent’s said: “St Vincent’s Health Australia’s facilities have long-standing arrangements in place to care for women who request termination, which ensures that they are able to access care and support from other providers if that is their wish.”

Care and support! Are they serious? Catholic-run hospitals cannot absolve themselves of any responsibility for the murder of the unborn when they knowingly direct women to where their baby will be killed. Have Catholic health agencies already sold out to government pressure tied to health funding? This highlights the danger posed to the ethos of religious-run public hospitals that may choose to dance to a government-funded, strings-attached tune.

The ALP has stated it will not force such faith-based-run public hospitals to perform abortions. But, maybe they see no need: some already comply by referring women on to abortion providers.

In any case, we cannot trust the ALP on that count. What is said publicly and what pressure is exerted behind closed doors when funding arrangements are discussed are two different matters. And why wouldn’t the federal ALP want to employ the same draconian Victorian ALP legislation whereby doctors are denied the right of conscientious objection and must refer a woman on to an abortion provider?

The big losers from the Federal ALP policy will be pre-born children, mothers who feel abortion is their only option, medical practitioners and health providers who are forced to cooperate in abortions, and taxpayers, who will fund the culture of death perpetuated by the ALP.

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