April 20th 2019

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Budget 2019: The dark side of 'back in the black': no vision

EUTHANASIA FYI: How to navigate the voluntary assisted 'dying' process

CANBERRA OBSERVED Take your tax cuts and be merry, for tomorrow ... is another day

FOREIGN AFFAIRS New Middle East alliance will challenge Saudis

LIFE ISSUES ALP abortion policy blithely tramples all our consciences

SOCIETY AND TECHNOLOGY Will Artificial Intelligence do the walking for you?

LIFE ISSUES Trump, Shorten and Morrison on abortion

GENDER POLITICS Women abused at Women's Day March

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Bill Shorten's bizarre electric car policy

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Revitalising marriage and family: an especially lay apostolate

ASIAN AFFAIRS Entire nations going out without a baby's whimper


MUSIC 1+1=Sublimity: Explanations are like the back side of a tapestry

CINEMA Shazam!: Ambitious teen finds out what's in a name

BOOK REVIEW What will be left us after the deluge?

BOOK REVIEW Author puts some great minds to work



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News Weekly, April 20, 2019

No More

Not enough options, so I need plans.
No answers or good ideas most days, so I need a good read after tea.
No prospects, so I need good deeds and merits.

No expiations, so to make up for the fear and worry,
I need earthly necessities and the radio news.
No profits, so I must please God more to avoid
bad happenings and get answered prayers.

No more group Rosaries. All I have left is novenas to the Saints and petitions at the consecration of Mass.
No more masses in English vernacular since migration and my novena for wisdom;
All I can do to please God is intercessory prayer and good deeds.
No more laxatives, they are a waste of money.

All that remains is white wine, yoghurt with the cultures and meriting and acts of virtue.
No more hopes of better life or better options.
All I can do is live in fear, worry a lot, seek God’s will and persevere.

No more trips to the city for shopping now metro rail tunnel is under way, unless I get lots of guidance, good plans and inspiration.
All that remains is to enjoy my assets and pray a lot.

No more happiness, I’m too upset by all the fools,
progressive trendies and believers in climate change;
too worried about energy security and Australia.
All I can do is prepare for the worst and plan my survival.

Susan Pelly

All you need to know about
the wider impact of transgenderism on society.
TRANSGENDER: one shade of grey, 353pp, $39.99

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