November 16th 2019

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South Park Calls Out Transgender Takeover of Women's Sports

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South Park Calls Out Transgender Takeover of Women's Sports

News Weekly, November 16, 2019

The American animated sitcom South Park can be extremely crude and on the nose with its dark humour, but it is also incredibly prescient in its political and social commentary, highlighting absurdities in modern Western society.

This week, in the episode “Strong Woman” (2 min video), South Park depicted the gross unfairness of allowing biological men identifying as women into female sports competitions.


South Park Elementary's principal Peter Charles is known as PC Principal for his dedication to “bring South Park into 2015”, implementing political correctness by eradicating any racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory stereotypes in the town. He is truly disappointed when his girlfriend Vice-Principal Strong Woman (mother of his PC Babies) inevitably loses her title at the Strong Woman Competition to a trans competitor, “Heather”.

Heather transitioned merely two weeks before the competition, but Strong Woman puts on a brave face, saying, “[It’s] amazing. I feel honored to be a part of history. I have a lot of incredible trans friends who are athletes, and so we’re all inspired this woman’s competing.”

After Heather beats Strong Woman in weightlifting, boxing, shotput, and arm wrestling, PC Principal ventures to point out: “I guess she just started identifying as a woman a few weeks ago. Doesn’t really seem fair.”

“Just don’t,” Strong Woman responds. “You’ll upset the PC Babies.”

Angry at the sheer injustice, PC Principal discards his progressive principles and confronts Heather, saying, “You went through puberty as a male, so your body is completely different.” Heather labels him a “transphobe” and declares, “I just hope I can motivate little girls out there. Motivate them to understand that I will beat them at any sport they try. Motivate them to run away like that chicken **** Strong Woman did.”

It turns out that Heather was Strong Woman's ex-boyfriend.

Think this scenario is far-fetched? Cricket Australia, Rugby Australia and the Australian Football League (AFL) are among our national sporting bodies leading the charge to bring Australia into their idea of 2019: Rugby Australia’s five-page “Gender Identity Dispensation Procedure” explains how girls/women are obliged to allow any male who identifies as a girl/woman to play in the female competition. Any complaints on social media will be followed by swift punishment.

South Park is holding up a mirror to our society. Will we heed this sobering reflection before our women in sport get severely injured or abandon sports altogether?

by Jean Seah

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