September 22nd 2018

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COVER STORY Water, water everywhere, but not for the farmers

EDITORIAL Power companies in clover after closures

CANBERRA OBSERVED Liberals in need of an internal peacemaker

ENERGY Solar, wind dependence will add $1300 to power bills, engineers, scientists warn

LIFE ISSUES Queensland life march busts media stereotypes

ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS Unmask activists disguised as nature lovers

FOREIGN AFFAIRS China takes up challenge to imitate and overtake America

CHINA AND AUSTRALIA Paul Monk thunders at kowtowing former pollies

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Hawaii: Pearl of the Pacific

BOOK EXCERPT From Patrick J. Byrne's book, Transgender: One Shade of Grey

FREE SPEECH University of Western Australia blinks again

LIFE ISSUES Queensland law will open floodgates to sex-selective abortion


MUSIC Pop and singing: A certain antagonism

CINEMA Christopher Robin: The best something comes from nothing

BOOK REVIEW A so-called industry with only a dark side

BOOK REVIEW Population see-saw changes direction



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Twelve Arguments for Sanity

Anthony Esolen


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(Charlotte, North Carolina: Saint Benedict Press, 2014)
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN: 9781618906045
Price: AUD$29.90


Book description

Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity is a rousing, compelling defence of traditional, natural marriage. Here, Anthony Esolen, professor at Providence College and a prolific writer, uses moral, theological and cultural arguments to defend this holy and ancient institution, bedrock of society — and to illuminate the threats it faces from modern revolutions in law, public policy and sexual morality.

Inside, discover: 

• Traditional marriage’s roots in age-old religious, cultural, and natural laws. 

• Why gay marriage is a metaphysical impossibility. 

• How acceptance and legal sanction of gay marriage threatens the family. 

• How the state becomes a religion when it attempts to elevate gay marriage, and enshrine as a civil right all consensual sex. 

• How divorce and sexual licence have brought marriage to the brink. 

• How today’s culture has impoverished and emptied love of its true meaning. 

In Defending Marriage, Esolen expertly and succinctly identifies the cultural dangers of gay marriage and the Sexual Revolution which paved its way. He offers a stirring defence of true marriage, the family, culture and love — and provides the compelling arguments that will return us to sanity, and out of our current morass.


About the author

Professor Anthony Esolen teaches Renaissance English literature and the development of Western civilisation at Providence College, Rhode Island. A senior editor for Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, he writes regularly for First Things, Magnificat, This Rock and Latin Mass. His most recent books are The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization (Regnery Press, 2008); Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (ISI Press, 2010) and, most recently, Reflections on the Christian Life (Sophia Institute Press, 2013). Professor Esolen has also translated Dante.

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