October 10th 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Will drought and falling dollar spike food prices?

CANBERRA OBSERVED Nationals extract good deal in Turnbull takeover

EDITORIAL Obama's climate gambit: do as I say, not as I do!

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Senate committee says no to marriage plebiscite

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Turnbull divides party in Cabinet reshuffle

RURAL AFFAIRS FTAs eat away at our food and agriculture surpluses

RELIGION IN RUSSIA Byzantine Catholics driven underground

FINANCE Hidden by a metaphor: the secret life of money

EDUCATION Proliferation of screens making kids no smarter

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Cabinet door must be open to public service

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Child-support program under the microscope

PUBLIC POLICY Prohibition of drugs has the evidence on its side

CINEMA Kids will love pixelated Aussie classic: Blinky Bill: The Movie

BOOK REVIEW Hope for the Land of the Southern Cross

BOOK REVIEW Evaluating arguments against free will


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EDITORIAL The future of the Liberals after leadership coup

The coup against Tony Abbott

FAMILY AND SOCIETY They don't want diversity but to impose conformity

COVER STORY Arab world must help fix Syria and Libya crises

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Vulnerable GLBT youth pawns in plebiscite game

FAMILY AND SOCIETY Senate committee says no to marriage plebiscite

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Cuts in aid trigger mass migration: more to come?

News and views from around the world

For Corbyn it is as if the Berlin Wall never fell (Roger Scutin)

Will Indonesia’s military budget rise or fall? (Prashanth Parameswaran)

Is the Pope a Catholic? (Michael Cook)

Australia’s new Defence minister (Helen Clark)

A radio discussion on bombing Syria (Peter Hitchens)

Synod 2015 hopes (George Weigel)

Australia denies entry to top U.S. pro-life leader after smear campaign (Steve Weatherbe)

Bishop Porteous defends right to teach (The Catholic Leader)

Let’s get this straight: Income inequality and poverty aren’t the same thing (Harry Frankfurt)

Bill Nye the Science Guy kills his brain to promote a lie (Tom Riley)

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