November 21st 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Gender variety has no basis in science

CANBERRA OBSERVED PM's political capital may be tax-reform casualty

EDITORIAL IPCC and the media: Last Tango in Paris

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Poland's election sends shock waves through EU

THE ELECTRONICS REVOLUTION Create infrastructure to bridge coming robo gap

LIFE ISSUES Keeping a straight face with Andrew Denton on euthanasia

LIFE ISSUES With Nitschke out of death industry, Exit must go next

EUROPEAN AFFAIRS Euro banks were lending like there's no tomorrow

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Polls show conservative resurgence at grassroots

RELIGION IN RUSSIA State control, Slavophiles prepare way for apostasy

CULTURE Mankind needs to work; and mankind needs work

PUBLIC POLICY Drug substitutes used as treatment are lethal

CINEMA The man who stands back up: Bridge of Spies

BOOK REVIEW We're getting better all the time


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FOREIGN AFFAIRS Poland's election sends shock waves through EU

LITIGATION Appeal to freedoms will not avail for Archbishop

COVER STORY Gender variety has no basis in science

EDITORIAL Deplorable attack on Sir Peter Lawler

EDITORIAL El Niño caps tragic results of water deregulation

COVER STORY Labor proposes expanded role for infrastructure fund

CANBERRA OBSERVED Labor on the offensive against all argument

News and views from around the world

For liberals, doomsday is the religion of choice (Bret Stephens)

Not losing is a loser’s game (Earl Tifford)

Church social justice mired in strange agendas (Fr James Grant)

African women’s solutions to war clash with feminists’ agenda (Rebecca Oas)

Chemsex: the alarming new trend of 72-hour drug-fueled sex sessions (Sarah Knapton)

New study shows legalising physician-assisted suicide increases suicide rates (Melody Wood, Ryan T. Anderson)

Cold comfort: is the fertility industry misleading women? (Hagar Cohen)

Waffle’s short shelf life (Geoffrey Luck)

Indonesia’s Jokowi to skip APEC in the Philippines (Pashanth Parameswaran)

Why is Amnesty International defending the executioners? (Benjamin J. Vail)

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