September 13th 2014

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Articles from this issue:

CANBERRA OBSERVED Successful National Marriage Day celebrated in Canberra

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Nick Minchin tells ADM to try again for GrainCorp

UNITED KINGDOM Will Scotland's vote spell the end of the Union?

ILLICIT DRUGS Marijuana 'for medicinal purposes' a wolf in sheep's clothing

SOCIETY How Australia can combat prostitution and trafficking

NATIONAL MARRIAGE DAY Reflections on the revolution of 2004

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Mining tax repeal puts government back on track

EDUCATION The case for granting schools more autonomy

EDITORIAL No winners in escalating Ukraine conflict

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Downsized NATO no match for Putin's Russia

CINEMA The unlikely origins of heroism

BOOK REVIEW Historical myths demolished

BOOK REVIEW Ambassador to Hitler's Germany

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EDUCATION 'Safe Schools' scandal: Open letter to the education minister

CANBERRA OBSERVED How stopping the boats helps Christian refugees

WOMEN'S HEALTH Abortion and breast cancer: hitting a feminist raw nerve

CANBERRA OBSERVED Successful National Marriage Day celebrated in Canberra

ILLICIT DRUGS Marijuana 'for medicinal purposes' a wolf in sheep's clothing

CHILD CARE INQUIRY Govt's wealth transfer from single-income to dual-income families

CANBERRA OBSERVED High noon for 'End of Entitlements' Joe Hockey

News and views from around the world

Putin to build naval base on Wrangel Island for Russia’s Pacific Fleet (

Russia is a revisionist power: greater dangers lie ahead (Edward Lucas)

Nobel gurus fear globalisation is going horribly wrong (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Why Westminster is so hated (Norman Tebbitt)

Louisiana Court rules in favour of traditional marriage (Washington Times)

Family dinners could reduce effects of teen online bullying (McGill University)

U.S. hostage to culture of meaningless (Jennifer Kabbany)

Nearly half of poor 11-year-olds unable to read books, newspapers and websites (UK Telegraph)

Are newspapers only fit to wrap your fish and chips in? (Theodore Dalrymple)

The global citizen without a country? (Daniel E. Ritchie)

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