April 11th 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Lee Kuan Yew's model for national development

CANBERRA OBSERVED Shorten's relentless negativity spells trouble for Labor

EDITORIAL Reform the tax system to help families!

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS The rise, decline and fragmentation of the radical Islamists

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Canada's Supreme Court upholds religious freedom

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Can Australia Post be saved?

SOCIETY Helping lift the 'unbanked' out of poverty

LIFE ISSUES Woman's suicide wrongly used to justify euthanasia

SCHOOLS Traditional forms of teaching make a welcome comeback

AUSTRALIAN HISTORY Dr Roger Dunkley, forgotten hero of World War II

CINEMA Cinderella - a queen by virtue of her service

BOOK REVIEW Our Kids, by Robert D. Putnam

BOOK REVIEW Religious dimensions of the Great War

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INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS The rise, decline and fragmentation of the radical Islamists

EDITORIAL What Australia Post can learn from NZ's Kiwibank

DIVORCE LAW 'Without restraint': the abuse of domestic violence orders

FOOD SAFETY To halt toxic food imports - raise quarantine standards

EDITORIAL Tony Abbott's last chance

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Can Australia Post be saved?

HUMAN RIGHTS Re-establishing the right to freedom of religion and conscience

News and views from around the world

Voter ennui and disengagement as UK election approaches (Stephen Glover)

Christians ridiculed in modern Britain (Michael Gove)

Indiana, religious freedom and the denial of reality: interview with Robert Reilly

On marriage: Never give in. Never, never, never… (Trevor Thomas, American Thinker)

Are we being ‘Gaslighted’ by gender ideologies? (Hilary White)

Moral bullies and the laws that enable them (Clarice Feldman)

Why I would never let my kids go to Canada’s ‘We Day’ (Craig Kielberger)

Winged words: the importance of great books (Peter Kalkavage)

Why scientism’s cherished progress narrative fails (Jonathan Witt)

‘The truth is hard’: an interview with philosopher Roger Scruton (Douglas Murray)

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