July 4th 2015

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Articles from this issue:

COVER STORY Are we facing history's largest mass migration?

CANBERRA OBSERVED Northern dream creeps slightly nearer to reality

THE FAMILY 'Consensus' on same-sex parenting ignores evidence

SOCIETY Why marriage cannot be separated from family

EDITORIAL Housing affordability: what has gone wrong?

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Human Rights Commission backs same-sex marriage

HISTORY What is Indonesia? From Java man to Islam

FOREIGN AFFAIRS Why G7 endorsed UN climate-change agenda

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Straitjacket treaty has led to European insanities

HISTORY Zenobia: warrior queen, thorn in Rome's side

PUBLIC HEALTH Methadone cure worse than the heroin addiction

CINEMA Inside Out is a thoughtful emotional roller-coaster


BOOK REVIEW There is no such thing as a soft drug

BOOK REVIEW Probing the deepest roots of the push for same-sex marriage

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SPECIAL REPORT Behind Ireland's vote for 'same-sex marriage'

SOCIETY Children of same-sex households have a say

COVER STORY Is 'same-sex marriage' a square peg in a round hole?

COVER STORY Cool logic of mercy needed on hot button of euthanasia

EDITORIAL Singapore at 50 offers lessons for Australia

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Should we fear China and Russia in the global economy?

PAPAL ENCYCLICAL Pope Francis reminds us to care for our common home

News and views from around the world

Parents are clueless narcissists, says headmaster (Javier Espinosa)

Austrian Parliament votes overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage

New Galaxy poll reframes same-sex marriage debate in Australia

The folly of using war to send a message (Daniel Larison)

Fraudulent study of same-sex marriage a caution for UN (Wendy Wright)

Concerning the ecological path to salvation (James Schall)

Human trafficking: Thailand’s porous borders (Neil Thompson)

The endless wait for one North Korean abductee (Mark Fenn)

The civilising power of English law (Keith Windschuttle)

The courage to be on the wrong side of history (Ryan Shinkel)

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