October 11th 2014

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Articles from this issue:

NEW ZEALAND Roller-coaster election ends with conservative win

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS Making housing affordable for young couples

SOCIETY Seven pillars of the family-centred economy

OPINION Terrorists can be defeated by fighting fear with co-operation

ECONOMIC AGENDA Critical China free trade agreement based on what?

EDITORIAL Hong Kong: China's litmus test

CLIMATE CHANGE Obama's rhetoric doesn't match his actions

CANBERRA OBSERVED Greens' bid to legalise overseas same-sex unions rebuffed

MOSCOW FORUM Large families' vital role to protect civilisation

DIVORCE LAW No-fault divorce and the moral basis for spousal support

EDUCATION Why more parents are choosing home-schooling

POPULATION Taiwan bracing for demographic winter

CINEMA Magical romantic comedy set in Paris

BOOK REVIEW Britain's Faustian bargain with the United States

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COVER STORY It's the science, not the reef, that is being polluted

CANBERRA OBSERVED Successful National Marriage Day celebrated in Canberra

ILLICIT DRUGS Marijuana 'for medicinal purposes' a wolf in sheep's clothing

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Nick Minchin tells ADM to try again for GrainCorp

UNITED KINGDOM Will Scotland's vote spell the end of the Union?

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Same-sex marriage and property rights clash in U.S.

NATIONAL AFFAIRS High time to introduce family-friendly taxation

News and views from around the world

Mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt (Jeremy Warner, UK Telegraph)

How Wall Street corrodes your soul (Michael Lewis, National Post, Canada)

They UK young have never had it so bad (Tim Congdon, Standpoint, UK)

Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian military aircraft in Baltics (National Post)

Clandestine religion in public education (Lee Culpepper, American Thinker)

The re-education of Dinesh D’Souza (Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal)

Breaking the silence: redefining marriage hurts women like me — and our children (Janna Darnelle)

For children there is NO ‘amicable divorce’ (U.S. and UK studies)

Parents outraged at proposed Minnesota transgender policy

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pushes drug-testing for welfare recipients (Washington Times)

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