March 28th 2015

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Articles from this issue:

EDITORIAL Tony Abbott's last chance

CANBERRA OBSERVED Coalition government switches to survival mode

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS If Abbott can back Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank...

HUMAN RIGHTS Re-establishing the right to freedom of religion and conscience

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Intergenerational Report: a waste of time and money

ECONOMIC AFFAIRS Two problems the PM must tackle boldly

QUEENSLAND After Cyclone Marcia: balancing drought relief and flood mitigation

AUSTRALIA Builders of a nation: Henry Bolte and Charles Court

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Putin admits military takeover of Crimea in 2014

CULTURE AND CIVILISATION The rediscovery of Christopher Dawson

CULTURE AND CIVILISATION Acknowledging the debt we owe Alfred the Great

SOCIETY The left's all-out war on truth


OBITUARY Fantasy author Terry Pratchett: an appreciation

BOOK REVIEW The very best of enemies

BOOK REVIEW Dutch warning on where euthanasia leads

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SOCIETY Homosexual 'marriage'? First, listen to the children

EDITORIAL What Australia Post can learn from NZ's Kiwibank

ENERGY SA Labor prepares to consider nuclear power

DIVORCE LAW 'Without restraint': the abuse of domestic violence orders

CANBERRA OBSERVED Time for Mr Abbott to level with the Australian people

FOOD SAFETY To halt toxic food imports - raise quarantine standards

WESTERN CIVILISATION The secular challenge to freedom of belief

News and views from around the world

World is more ‘dollarised’ today that any time in history, and therefore at the mercy of U.S. Federal Reserve (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)

Russia continues to pour arms into Ukraine showing Putin has no intention of abiding ceasefire: NATO

The EU experiment has failed (Bruce Thornton, Hoover Institution)

Anxious teens find they can’t cope (NZ Dominion Post)

Christianity, the religion which dare not speak its name (Salisbury Review)

Canadian spy agency criticised for memo linking ‘anti-abortion’ activism with terrorism

Why a bad U.S. Supreme Court decision may require civil disobedience

Feminism, marriage and the perpetually adolescent male (Janice Shaw Crouse)

U.S. presidential hopeful Ted Cruz: I’m Christian and I’m Reaganesque (Washington Times)

What America’s founders learned from the Romans (Bradley J. Birzer)

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